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Jul 11, 2008 08:58 PM

Spaghetti Red?

My Grammy today was talking about foods from her childhood, and said her mother took her recipe for "Spaghetti Red" to the grave. When I inquired, she said it was like a spicier version of spaghetti. I've never heard of it. Anyone have a recipe?

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    1. re: Antilope

      Here's a working link (from the Wayback Machine) for the middle broken link in my original message:

      Spaghetti Red - link on Wayback Machine

    2. Funny, that middle link calls for 2 pounds of meat and 'a cup of cooked spaghetti'!
      I'm sure it's a mistake, that's how much I leave when I'm done!

      But I'm glad you posted this Spaghetti Red thread!
      Interesting stuff--- and another fun thing to do with pasta!

      I dig!

      1. I have read all of the recipes linked in response to your post and even though they are similar to the dish I used to order that was called Spaghetti Red, it's not exactly the same. The restaurant that served it was located in Houston, TX and I can't for the life of me remember the name as it was about 30 years ago that I last dined there and I'm not sure it's still in business. Anyway, the Spaghetti Red they served was cooked spaghetti with chili poured over it and a large approximate ladel-full of traditional red spaghetti sauce on top of that. Then the whole dish was sprinkled with freshly grated cheese, either mozzarella or fresh parmesan (I can't remember for sure). You could probably use Jack or a Mexican blend too. It was served with garlic toast and a green salad and was really, really tasty! I have made it this way at home too and it's nearly as good as what that restaurant served. You might try it both ways and see which suits you best.

        1. My boss's mom used to make him what she called spaghetti red but it was KETCHUP on spaghetti. Gross, huh?

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          1. re: ChrisKC

            thats gross. my grandparents would roll over in their graves.

          2. Just use this as your spaghetti sauce:


            Remember, if it's got beans in it, it ain't chili