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Jul 11, 2008 07:28 PM

Is there anyplace to eat in Lynchburg, VA?

I'm going to visit my niece and she says everything she's tried there is terrible and I didn't find a single post on this board. Its been along time since I was there but is it still as bad as I remember? I don't really care about cost, I just want a good Sunday brunch and/or dinner. Southern style would be just fine but anything else would work too. Thanks.

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  1. Many moons ago, I was in school there. The favorite to take the parents to was the Aberdeen Barn for steak. Have no idea whether it is still there or was ever any good. As a student, anything except for Ronnie's food in the Dining Hall was good. There was also a place that had all you can eat spaghetti one night of the week. After a large party, try the "T" for a "cheesy western all the way, with a glass of the James River". Don't mind the cop in the back room, he is just there to keep things peaceful at 4 am!

    1. I got some recommendations here:

      We didn't have a chance to try any of the places in Lynchburg, though my BIL who is from there loves the Silver Pig for BBQ. It's a bit of a drive from Lynchburg unfortunately, but the Thai place we went to was amazing:

      1. Unfortunately, Meriewethers and Isabella's are not open on Sunday. They both sounded good. I realize this is Lynchburg, but is there anyplace to eat there on a Sunday? Any plantation/inn type place with a good brunch perhaps?

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          Jazz Street Grill on Old Forest Road is a local favorite for Sunday Brunch. Omelets, pancakes, po boys, gumbo, barbecue shrimp... I've never been dissapointed.

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            I guess I was about 20 years too early in L-burg. There is a reason for the Sunday closings....

        2. Magnolia Foods is great for lunch, i think they do dinner as well. It's a restaurant/gourmet food & wine store. Close to Randolph Macon Womens' College, or whatever the new name is now... Randolph College I think...

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            Magnolia is closed on Sundays, as were most other places. We went to Vines Cafe for Sunday brunch. Both a buffet and menu were offered. We went for the buffet and it was limited but good. We got there when they opened at 11:30 so everything had just been put out. Your basic eggs, bacon, sausage, polenta with ham, fruit, french toast and sweet breads for $12.99. Everyting was fine but the polenta and bacon were particularly good. If I went again I'd order the eggs benedict from the menu. They looked excellent. There is a separate wood fired pizza place below that restaurant which is supposed to make great pizza. We were going to try it for dinner but they too were closed. I ended up driving back that night without having dinner. Passed several BBQ places along rt 29 but didn't stop at any. If anyone can recommend one between DC and Charlottesville, I'll stop at one of those next time.

          2. If you are looking for Southern (Country) food try Merredith's at the Plaza. Tuesday through Friday they have a luncheon buffet, no evening meals. On the weekend they have dinner, and also a Sunday Buffet. There are plenty of chain restaurants in Lynchburg now. We've been here 12 years and restuarants have multiplied like rabbits. I know others who really like the Vines, as already suggested, and although I've not been to Jazz Street for brunch, they also have good food.

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              Thanks for the Southern/home cooking food recommendation. I'll be doing a lot of drives up that way over the coming year that will place me in Lynchburg around lunch time. Any other recs. for home cooking that way? How is that "Country Cookin'" place, of which there seem to be a few locations in Lynchburg?

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                I'm pretty positive this place has disappeared, but as an LC student there used to be a place with all you can eat spaghetti on a certain night of the week. I think they lost money on us! Is the pPlaza still called Pitman Plaza? Is the Sow's Ear still there?

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                  The Sow's Ear! Wow. That closed in the 80's. The Pitman Plaza is owned by Liberty University. And Country Cooking is a non-descript meat and three.

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                    We heard some great music at the Sow's Ear. I guess I am showing my age... sometimes it's seems like it was just yesterday!

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                      It was the showcase for the best local talent and for some reason there has never been a shortage of musical talent in Lynchburg (a friend says it's because there are so few distractions). The place for music in L'brg now, if you go back, is the Ellington, . It's a 175 seat historic theatre that presents great national, regional and local talents. There is nothing else like it anywere.

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                        Wow, does this bring back memories. I was a cook there- Dean King headed up the open mike nights and Jay Stinson owned it. It was a great place to work.

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                          Not to resurrect a long dead conversation. But I am sure you can imagine how rarely the Sow's Ear at Pittman Plaza in Lynchburg, VA ever gets mentioned on the interwebs.

                          I remeber that place. My uncle Fontaine Ware used to play there with Dean King, Jim Rushing, Tommy Norwood (and many others). He also had a group called Wasted Acres that was pretty popular back then.

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                    I realize that I'm responding late to this, but if your travels are still taking you through L'burg at lunchtime, I would recommend the following:
                    If you are down on Wards Rd, two of the only non chain restaurants worth going to are the Kabob Grille and Milan Indian Restaurant. Neither is much to look at, but the food is good. If you are in the Downtown area, would recommend Dish or Starlight Cafe (more casual, and maybe a better place to sit and read a paper if you are dining alone). Waterstone pizza is also downtown. The food is decent, though the service is sometimes a little spotty.
                    If you are willing to drive further into town (away from 29) you might enjoy Magnolia (gourmet take out and sandwiches), Blue Marlin (Seafood) or Isabellas (Italian). Earlier posts mention Meriwethers, which has now closed. Isabellas will be moving to their old location sometime this spring.