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Jul 11, 2008 06:43 PM

Thomas' Ham & Eggery-ONE BAD EGG!

We have eaten here for years & it has always been a treat, until this Wednesday. Arrived at 1:30, busy, but no lines out the door & were seated right away. Busboy brought over water & asked if we wanted coffee & brought that quickly. Here is where is starts to go downhill. We did not get menus, DH asked, signaled a waiter & busyboy. NO MENUS! Three men came in after us, appparently friends of the family , & their order was taken, they were served & had finished before we even saw our food! After 10 minutes the waitress comes over & asks what we'd like & we say menus & she is like, oh, you didn't get menus? We finally get the menus & wait again for her to come back & take the order and then we wait & wait & wait for our food. We watch people place take out orders & leave with their food. WE WANT OUR FOOD! At last, it arrives. But wait, it is WRONG! The waitress has disappeared, the 3 men have paid & left. DH is very unhappy, his stuffed french toast should have apricots & it has bananas, the bananas are AWOL from my french toast & the side order of bacon is 3 slices plopped on top of his toast. While we sit & starve & again wait for the waitress, DH gets up to speak to the owner/manager, Jimmy. Jimmy's response to DH is, and I quote, "Why are you talking to me?" DH says, because it is your restaurant & my order is not right. Jimmy calls for the missing waitress, she wants to know what's wrong. She says he asked for a side of bacon, not an order & that there are bananas in my toast. (Now there were chunks of banana in DH's toast & even when I opened mine up, & poked around with my fork, there was no lump of any fruit!) Jimmy starts bellowing to give us what we want & DH asks for the check. So we pay for our cofffee, daughter's pancakes & shake (Thank goodness that was correct) & we leave...NEVER TO RETURN! This has to be one of my worst dining experiences-horrible, rude service & incorrect food. Blech, I can no longer recommend Thomas' to anyone.

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