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Any Chowish spots in Burbank?

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Will be in Burbank (near the airport) for a meeting mid-week and thinking about going with colleagues for dinner to avoid the traffic back to OC. Any suggestions? Looking for upscale, with a bar, probably 4-6 people. Thanks.

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  1. Burbank has famously few options for upscale dining and they are primarily chains like Arnie Morton's, Savannah and McCormick & Schmick.

    1. Try McCormick and Schmick's near NBC Studios. They have a great happy hour menu until 6pm I believe. It then starts again around 9pm.


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        M&S happy hour goes until 6:30pm, the late-night version has been discontinued.

      2. My husband and I love to have lunch at Urban Eats on Magnolia, especially if you want to eat healthy, they have a great grilled vegetable salad and they sell Mexican Coke (no corn syrup, only cane sugar). Also, you can't miss Porto's!!! The best Cuban food around - try the medianoche sandwich. Oh and their pastries are incredible. Great coffee too.

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          I never see anyone at Urban Eats in the evenings.....I wouldn't expect that it is going to be around much longer.

        2. oops, but those aren't upscale. No matter. You've got to get to Porto's anyway. Really. If they are that uptight then I would go for McCormick and Schmicks, great appetizers and a good happy hour I've heard. But pricey!!

          1. How about Bistro Provence? It's on the SW corner of Oak and Pass, in a shockingly low-rent strip mall (with a ghetto Vons in it). It will look closed, but persevere. The food can be a little bit salty -- that is my only concern -- but it's decent French food in a reasonably upscale room, with good service (and the staff actually speak French) and decent prices -- I haven't been in a few months but I recall it being $26 prix fixe.

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              Aaaaaaaand, here's the link.

              Bistro Provence
              345 N Pass Ave, Burbank, CA 91505

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                Second Bistro Provence. Also same owner/chef has Third & Olive, a new place in Burbank, which I have not yet tried, but it looks promising.

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                Thirds to Bistro Provence. Only drawback to your specs: no bar (but beer and a wine list).

              3. There's a great old-school Italian joint in Burbank: Tony's Bella Vista Ristorante. Not OC upscale, think Rat Pack upscale. Great food. 3116 W Magnolia Blvd.

                1. French 75 in Burbank next to Morton's Steakhouse has a great bar and very bistro-ish menu. I good place to hang for awhile and be very comfortable. They also have a patio.
                  I've had both great and not so amazing meals there. The bar has a great selection of cocktails and French style apertifs...

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                    French 75 has now changed its name to Savannah.

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                      French 75 is closed. It's now called Savannah but is run by the same group.

                    2. Well, if your collegues want something a little more casual, try Gary's a favorite with the locals. Also near the Burbank Airport.