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Jul 11, 2008 06:14 PM

Way too much food!

In an earlier post I lauded Diners Drive and Drives (D3) and I stand by my appreciation of the family run restos and the families who run them and customers who support them. But when Guy starts in on the really gross and huge dishes (eight patty burgers, 4 meat sandwhiches etc) whose only reason for being is big he loses me. Not just because people are starving all over the world or it can't possibly be good for anyone but how can it actually taste good?! Your feelings?

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  1. The answer is simple. How many times have you read a favorable review of a dining establishment, where the author goes out of their way to mention "big portions" as one of the main components of the evaluation.

    You know, "Gary's Gutbusting Gastronomy Garage had good food, big portions, and friendly service," conversely a place gets panned if the portions aren't "generous" enough.

    A lot of people truly evaluate the quality of an establishment on the quantity of food they receive.

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      1. Its a sales ploy, started by franchises and then co-opted by the mom and pop shops in order to compete. More food for the bucks, it makes people feel smart because they are paying less money for more food. It doesn't matter that a healthy adult should not be pounding all that food down in one meal. It should be interesting to see how the oil prices will affect food prices, a national health epidemic didn't stop the growth of the restaurant serving, I wonder if a national energy crisis can drive the portions down as food becomes more expensive.

        1. I think there is appeal in novelty. A burger is good, but is it really worth talking too much about? An eight patty burger however is probably going to be more prone to getting mentioned.
          Some of my friends visited a couple we both know in Bloomington. I know they probably ate several really good meals as their hosts are foodies, but the one meal I heard about centered around large portions. A diner they visited offers pancakes the size of pizzas and this novelty item is the ONLY one that got mentioned to me and a group of others when the travelling couple was giving a recap. I know from the hosts they were treated to a meal at one of the nicest places around, which I'm certain they enjoyed and appreciated, but it did not seem interesting enough to them I suppose to warrant a mention.
          Crazy stuff like giant pancakes provide good word of mouth for the resto. and a lot of customers appreciate novelty. Hopefully not too many people are tackling these items on their own, but if they want to play games with their health that is their business.

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            A good burger is worth discussing ad nauseum, yes indeed...

            1. re: tatamagouche

              Huge portions are everywhere, even in 'normal' sizes.

              If I go to saladworks, I eat that salad for three days.

              Which is a good thing, for $7.50. But seriously...their salads are massive. ....but just one example.

              the 'novelty'portions...I know of one girl who takes her girlscout troup to a local ice cream place for their huge sundae. Everyone picks one flavor in the 'bucket' which is like forty scoops, and it's cheaper than buying everyone a cone.

              no dropped cones, no mess, good pr for the ice cream place. They've been in the paper a few times with it. Even Ben & Jerry's has one of those huge ice cream buckets.

              1. re: tatamagouche

                Perhaps to a CH, but a lot of people would not consider most food, good or otheriwse, a worthy topic of conversation. The more into food I get, the more I realize how indifferent to it many people are.

            2. i am sure there are worse things in the world than a novelty huge burger. people just split the meal or take it home and eat them. should nascar stop racing since they are just wasting precious fossil fuel for a sport? that seems like a bigger waste. 3Ds is one of my favorite shoes. guy is the man. plus he is from the bay area and often rocks the raiders sweatband. keep up the good work Guy!