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Jul 11, 2008 06:00 PM

Why oh Why is Marin so lacking in interesting eat places?

I live in Mill Valley and am a dedicated Chowhound viewer. So why so few Marin posts? The county has lots of consumers who eat out a lot. So hocum Marin has so few, relatively, restos in all categories? I love all food, ethnic, low cost, high end, Cali fresh etc. And yes we have some, but with gas prices so high and parking so bad (espec in SF) I would rather on many occasions stick to Marin, but why are my choices so relatively limited? I have been to many of the good to great places here but please tell me your faves (of all kinds, as I said I like everything) particularly in southern to central Marin. Many thanks in advance.

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  1. hello, did you try Om (multiregional Indian) in San Rafael? One of our favorite Indian restaurants in the area. I'd also go to Fish in Sausalito if I lived up there. Old stuff for you, but we rarely go that far to eat out.

    1. I saw an article a while ago that noted that while many of the better chefs in SF live in Marin (ie, Michael Mina), they believe that Marin is lacking in restaurants due to it's proximity to SF. Some of my favorite places in Marin:

      Picco Pizzeria
      Sushi Ran
      Marche aux Fleurs
      Left Bank (under Scott Howard)
      Taqueria San Jose

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        OMG - I love Pizzeria Picco - just went there yesterday and was glad to see they added a couple of tables and have more shade outside The pizza was as awesome as ever and I ladore the Straus' vanilla soft serve with olive oil and sea salt - yum.

        1. re: Sharon S.

          How was the consistency of the soft serve ice cream? The last few times the I ordered vanilla it was very "gritty" and "mealy"...

          1. re: Husky

            Oh I had that happen once , I think it is the machine. This time it was just fine.

      2. So where have you been from this list and what do you like?

        I'm a fan of Gira Polli. It was one of my favs in SF. I like seeing the same staff from the closed SF and Walnut Creek locations there. The food is still good as ever to me.

        I really like the blog, Anna's Cool Finds. She has been blogging for years and often her reviews are the only ones on the web for some places. I have found a lot of great tips on this blog. I find her reports reliable and her tastes often match mine.

        For Mill Valley she covers

        Amberjack Sushi
        Asqew Grill
        Avatar's Punjabi Burritos
        Buckeye Roadhouse**
        Bungalow 44
        Cactus Cafe
        Cafe del Soul
        Caffe Oggi*
        Champagne French Bakery Cafe*
        Chinese Deli
        Depot Bookstore & Cafe*
        Dipsea Cafe*
        Fishman Village
        Frantoio Ristorante & Olive Oil Company
        Gira Polli
        India Palace
        Ino Restaurant
        Joe's Taco Lounge
        La Boulange*
        La Ginestra
        Lily Kai
        Lucinda's Mexican Food To Go
        Mama's Royal Cafe*
        Maria Maria**
        May Lee's
        Mill Valley Coffee Shop*
        Mountain Home Inn**
        Pasta Pomodoro
        Pearl's Phatburgers
        Peking Wok
        Piazza d'Angelo**
        Pizza Antica
        Rain Tree Cafe*
        Robata Grill & Sushi
        Shoreline Coffee Shop*
        Small Shed Flatbreads**
        Stefano's Pizzeria
        Strawberry Gourmet Delicatessen*
        Sushi Gourmet
        Thep Lela
        Tony Tutto Pizza

        You might read a few of places you've been and see if you are compatible with her tastes. She has a lot of stuff for other Marin cities. There;s a little non-Marin stuff, but mainly concentrateson marin.

        What other cities are you interested in? Is Sausalito or San Rafael too far? San Rafael has a bunch of great spots and I found this little Indian Joint in Sausalito that i like, Sartaj India Cafe

        Yeah, this gas thing has me thinking twice about how much I want to drive ... an opportunity to explore the nearby on the other hand.

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        1. re: rworange

          What are those asterisks on the list? Price or quality?

          1. re: Kim Cooper

            I just did a cut and paste of the marin list. From the website ...

            * means breakfast on weekdays
            ** means weekend brunch only

          2. re: rworange

            I was in the SF Amberjack's Sushi on Mother's Day and one of the owners told me that the Mill Valley location has closed.

          3. The original comment has been removed