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Kent / New Preston / New Milford / Washington, CT eats

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Staying in the area for a while - any recommendations for meals whether it's a causual lunch, a nice coffee place, or a great dinner?

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  1. I used to hit Popeye's in Morris every summer on the way to and from camp. Great ice cream and good burgers. Haven't been there in a while, maybe someone local can chime in..

      1. The Cookhouse on 202 has good BBQ. It is a large informal place.
        Boulders Inn and Hopkins Inn of Lake Waramaug are on my "to try list".

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          Hopkins Inn still has reliably good Swiss/Austro/German cuisine in a beautiful setting on the lake. In good weather, sit on outdoor patio and be transported to Lake Lausanne.

        2. the Bank Street Coffee house in New Milford is nice.

          Clamp's is a great summer burger place on 202 in New Milford.

          The picnic possibilities are endless.

          1. You should definitely check out Mamie's on Baker Road in Roxbury. There is a recent review on Roadfood.com. They are open Friday-Sunday for breakfast and lunch, dinner on Friday and Saturday. Great food!

            1. We had a great lunch at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington.
              We ate out on the sidedeck with a beautiful view of their elaborate gardens.
              The food was excellent if not a bit pricy.
              We also ate dinner at Fife 'n Drum in Kent,Ct.
              Old world charm,lotsof Eric Sloane and David Armstorng pictures and prints on the walls along with fine food and the owner playing piano during dinner which he has done for many decades.
              The food was very good and the service was great!

              1. JD Tucker in Washington CT is very good for burgers and such, large menu but basics are best