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Jul 11, 2008 05:08 PM

Grass fed Philly cheese steak

I just ate a sweet cheese steak sandwich at a little sandwich stand in Manhattan beach. I believe it is called Porto Surf cafe, although it is very subtly signed. They have grass fed beef and free range chicken for the sandwiches and salads. It's super tiny, basically two chair cafe on Rosecrans in the El Porto building. I'm glad to find a delicious fast food alternative.

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  1. Previously, that was the location of Papa Jake's cheesesteak shop:

    I'm a big fan of Big Mike's, but I'll give this place *another* try (Papa Jake's went downhill pretty badly).

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      Another big rec for Big Mike's. I was at the El Segundo location on Main this week and had a great cheesesteak with onions, hot and sweet peppers. Ordered a 12-inch, and had them wrap up half for dinner later, which was great rewarmed in aluminum foil. Also big kudos for their onion rings, which are not the thick giant kind but crisp and excellent with a light tempura-like batter.

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. I stopped by Porto Surf Cafe for a cheesesteak today, and I am happy to report that Big Mike's has nothing to worry about.

        Another fine Joe Blowe Quickie Review®.

        1. Tried this place, and the turkey sandwich was so dry I had to find another drink to try to wash it down. The bread was so dry, and the meat was too. YUCK!

          Sad to say. I started out a fan, then got to be "meh" now ... won't let the dog eat here.

          Glad there are other and better alternatives in the neighborhood. Maybe the next restaurant in this spot will be better.