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Jul 11, 2008 04:53 PM

Cheesesteak at the Phili Airport?

My step son is making a connection from Denver to Shannon at the Philadelphia Airport and wants to eat a cheese steak while he is there.
Does anyone know if there is a spot inside the airport that he can satisfy this craving?

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  1. He can probably find one but not a good one. There are a few places not too far outside of PHL if he has a long layover.

    1. It's PHILLY, and no that won't happen.

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      1. re: crazyspice

        Yes Phili didn't look right Philly looks better.
        He only has about 70 minutes (if the first flight is on time) and he says he'd rather have a mediocre cheesesteak than none (he's a kid )and he says the last time he went through PHL he couldn't find one so I figured someone here would know.

        1. re: gashrink

          The flights at PHL are usually delayed so that's not much time to grab much of anything!

      2. is a useful site provided by the airport that lists several restaurants that sound like they might serve cheese steaks. It even gives maps and lists terminals so your son can check where they are in relation to where he needs to be. I fly out of Philly all the time, but unfortunately can't offer you any insight on the quality of the food there aside from the odd banana and bottle of water.

        I hope that was helpful, and tell your son to enjoy his short time in Pennsylvania.

        1. Chickie's and Pete's in the airport may be the best bet.

          1. You should look at the restaurants in Terminal A because thats where the international flight will be departing from. There is at least once place along Terminal B that I know makes steaks. Chickie and Petes in Terminal C makes steaks too.