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Jul 11, 2008 04:24 PM

Oven spareribs

I have two pounds of Carolina pork spareribs, some good pork rub, and BBQ sauce...Need to cook them in the oven....Need a recipe....Thanks!

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  1. I did this last weekend. I followed America's Test Kitchen method, but a different rub. Here's a paraphrase of the basic method, rub ribs well with the rub mix, let stand at room temperature for 1 hour. Bake on cooking rack over sheet pan covered with foil for 1 hour at 300 degrees. After an hour, bake uncovered for an hour, then add sauce and bake for another hour and a half. They added a step (after that) of wrapping in foil, and putting packets in a paper bag for an hour. Ours didn't last in the bag the last full hour, but they were very tender (without being mushy at all).

    My issue was that the top outside meat got a little more tough or dry than I would have liked. But our oven is not very consistent, so that could be the issue. I would add foil down on the sheet pan under the racks -- I regretted not doing that.

    1. I wish you had a grill and some hickory chips...

      eamcd's method is pretty close (except the foil and paper bag) to what I do outdoors.

      1. Okay, so they turned out is what I did...Massaged them with a fantastic pork rub, put them in foil in the fridge overnight...or a bit longer...Turned the oven to 300 and kept them in a pan covered and cooked them low and slow...probably about 3 hours total...Then I uncovered with brushed with BBQ (Austin's is the best!), and cooked about 15 minutes uncovered and turned them over and repeated...They were seriously the bomb

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          Glad it worked out!!! I think the 1. rub overnight..then the 2. very low 'n slow covered in oven are so important...if you can finish on a grill, great...but if you have to finish them in a real hot oven, go for it!

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            I'm glad it worked too! I think I'll do closer to your variation next time and leave them covered longer for the long and slow cook!

          2. alton brown has a really nice method for oven spareribs

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              I love a number of his recipes...Mac and Cheese (stovetop); baked brown rice; and baked barley...I will check his rib recipe out! Thanks!