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Jul 11, 2008 04:23 PM

Recommendations for international business dinner walking distance from JW (Pennsylvania Ave)

Recommendations needed for 16 ppl around the globe (Switzerland, Italy, France, India, Hong Kong, Korea, Los Angeles, Miami, etc) on Fri evening. **Must be walking distance from JW Marriott and business casual attire (no jacket or tie required) or casual attire.** (2) vegetarians, the rest love seafood, steak and pasta - so a combo of seafood & steak or seafood & pasta would be ideal. Vegetarians are strict but easy going - they will order rice or pasta if Tofu is not available. Price is flexible, ideally $50-$75 per person - not including alcohol. Nothing too loud where they can not have converstations with the person across the table but nothing too stuffy. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. 16 people might be tough. You will definitely need to make a reservation ahead of time. In that area, I'd suggest trying Ten Pehn or Central.

    1. Zaytinya - accommodates any dietary restrictions. call ahead, reserve the big table and inform them of your partners needs. lunch once was about 20 a head with the chef's choice.

      1. What about Tosca? They have vegetarian, good pastas, and meats? It is not loud, they have private or semi-private areas, you can even get half-portions of the pastas as starters. I had a graduation dinner here and it was lovely.

        1. Cafe du Parc could be good, too. They have, I believe, at least one vegetarian entree, plus several appetizers that are vegetarian, and you can order side dishes, as well. They may be able to accomodate a large group pretty well.

          1. Tosca and Ten Penh are good suggestions. Cafe Atlantico and Ceiba might work too, but I'm not sure how well vegetarians would do at Ceiba (they have a lot of seafood I think, but little pure veggie).