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When is Kefi moving?

Does anyone know when Kefi (upper West 70's) is supposed to move into their new space?

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  1. keeps gettin gpushed back... now i am hearing august (hopefully)

    1. where is the new location and are they still serving at their location on 79th Street. I was planning to go in two weekends, now I guess I better check before hand.

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        Yes they are still serving at 79th...not sure where they are moving to exactly, but they will be taking credit cards...

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            The new space will take reservations...just there last night...new space is expected to open late August early Sept

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              thanks for the info. how was the food? what are some must haves and avoids? kefi has been on my to try list but never got around to it due to location.

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                The food is great and really affordable...try the meatballs, pork medallions, sheep's milk ravioli and greek salad...remember to bring cash...

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                  thanks for the info, will defintely post if we end up going, do they have enough good non meat dishes? One friend does not eat red meat, only chicken, no beef, lamb or veal.

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                    it will be where Loft was, Columbus and 84/85th on the East side of the street. Should make everything better with that move...building permits have Kefi LLC on them in the window...a subtle hint....

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                      The sheep milk ravioli w/ brown butter and sage is delicious!

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                    Went last Thursday, ordered 5 different appetizers, given that it was cash only and we weren't sure how much the bill would come out to be. We were stuffed as they were pretty large appetizers. The sheep's milk dumplings and grilled octopus salad were terrific.

            2. They are now estimating a mid-September move. After they move Kefi to Columbus, management will be keeping the space and changing it to an American Bistro style restaraunt.

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                Yup, the hostess confirmed this for me last night. they will be on columbus between 84th and 85th. the old location will be an american bistro.

                And BTW, i haven't been there in 6 months and everything is STILL amazing. love this place.

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                  Is Kefi still open for regular business until the move in mid September? I have a friend visiting NYC next week, and I wanted to confirm whether it would still be open on west 79th next weekend.

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                    It was still open at regular hours as of yesterday. You should just call ahead just to make sure though.

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                        BTW, I live across trhe street from where the new Kefi will be, I think a late Sept will not happen. BY the looks of it they have not done any constructions since the pizza place left....unlike UWS shake shack which is always full of workers...

              2. Any word on when they're actually moving?

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                  I walked by the old 79th location tonight and it looked to be in full swing. Last I heard they were having what they described as nit-picky issues with building/health inspectors. I must admit they are loosing business from some loyal fans in the meanwhile as we're never sure if they'll be there...

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                    This is the week. Wednesday I believe is the opening at the new joint.

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                    they just opened on 84/85 st and Columbus--I plan to go--

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                      the new Kefi accepts credit cards-

                  2. Question about the 17$ Prix fixe- Is it offered every night? Or just certain nights?

                    I'd like to hear how people think the food compares to the taht at the old space- i hope it hasnt changed....

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                      The food is still quite good (ate there the other night). But the service was bad beyond belief (even for their standards). Management was sneeringly rude when we politely complained.

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                        I had dinner there Friday night. There were several women at the desk (which is oddly hidden toward the rear of the restaurant). They were disorganized and not very sure of what they were doing. The place was 1/3 empty at 6:45pm, but 30 minutes later was packed. They need to stagger bookings. Food came very fast -- way too fast. The calamari was mostly little fry balls and not enough squid. The Greek salad was oddly shredded by machine -- think the lettuce on a Big Mac -- but was still tasty. The swordfish tasted a little fishy. The hanger steak was really good. We were done in less than 45 minutes (the poeple next to us were out in 35). The food was fine but that rush left a bad feeling. Kefi's former location was a place that people would come from other neighborhoods to eat at. The new location feels less relaxed and much less special. Pity.

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                          I ate at Kefi last week and had the very rushed service described above. There were 5 of us and we were out in under an hour. We started by ordering the Greek salad (tasty but same Big Mac-y lettuce described above) and an order of the spreads and pita. The waiter encouraged us to order our entrees right away even though we preferred to wait. He explained that it could take the kitchen quite some time to get our entrees out but we waited anyway, thank goodness. Once we finished our appetizers, we ordered the rest of our food which was all served in less than 5 minutes. Almost everything was lukewarm and clearly not prepared to order. The taste of what we got was good but it was hard to get past the fact that nothing that should have been hot was. Both the food and service were disappointments. I'm not sure I'd bother to go back.

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                            That's really sad. The restaurant was so good when it was at 79 St. Aren't they bigger in the new location? I never got the bum's rush at the old location, and everything that should have been hot came hot, to order, and delicious.

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                              I'm sorry you had a bad experience. My husband and I had a very good meal on xmas eve. I got 8:15 pm reservations that afternoon. The kitchen was closing at 9. The service was very friendly and not rushed at all. We had the crispy cod and crispy sweetbreads apps and both were delicious. The entrees were good too, though not as delicious. I will definitely return.

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                                I'm assuming they closed specially early that night, right? When are they normally closing, nowadays?

                            2. re: jcooper

                              Was late for our reservation tonight (trouble parking car). They didn't seat the other two in my party until I arrived, but then seated us all promptly and smilingly. Dinner was excellent, very reasonably priced, and nicely paced. We were at the table for an hour and a half and never felt rushed in any way. They were packed tightly when we left - very good food at fair prices seems like a good recipe for a successful restaurant these days.

                              My two favorites - a side of "stewed" cauliflower and the yogurt & honey desert (each of which was priced at $5).

                        2. It seems most appropriate for me to put my little meal report in this thread. I had dinner tonight at Kefi with my parents. I'm not sure why some hounds are saying this place has lost its soul, because the food is exactly the same as it was at the old location, which is to say: Great. This is a remarkably consistent and high-quality restaurant, especially at this price point. Moreover, our waiter was friendly, and we had good service. We had the following:

                          Bean and spinach soup - a special, which was wonderfully lemony and soothing.

                          Two Greek salads (good as usual).

                          Appetizer of delicious lamb sausage on skewers with some pita, tzatziki, and a little bit of salad. My mother was a little put off that it was kind of raw in the middle and brought it to the attention of the waiter, who explained that they deliberately sear it. I was surprised, too, when I noticed how red it was inside, but I had no complaint because it was so tasty.

                          Sheep's Milk Dumplings, Tomato, Pine Nuts, Spicy Lamb Sausage. Yes, my mother had lots of sausage tonight. This dish was delicious, as usual, and quite spicy.

                          Grilled Branzino, Potato, Olive, Tomato. I ordered this, and it was the same as ever - perfectly unfishy, perfectly cooked fish with nice accompaniments.

                          Grilled Swordfish, Tomato, Cauliflower, Olives. My father ordered this, and I didn't try it, but he spoke very appreciatively of it.

                          For dessert, my parents got one galaktoboureko apiece, which both of them loved (I tried my mother's, and it was lovely).

                          I got the yogurt, thin-sliced almonds, and honey dessert, which was soothing and satisfying, as always.

                          The new location is very big, and I think it's great that such a good place is able to expand successfully at a time of economic hardship. I celebrate their success!

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                            Oh my...everything you ate sounds incredible. Just reading this now...thanks for the feedback.


                          2. Went last night for dinner- we wanted to wait until it was not new new. The decor was lovely, and the service terrific. The food was amazing. We shared the meatball appetizer, and the trio of dips. My husband had the sea bass, and I had the lamb shank. Both were outstanding. The portions were just right, not tiny, and not obscene. Had a great gin, lime and thyme I think. Can't wait to go back.

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                              In following this thread, it seems that they may have gotten off to a bad start at the new location and have worked out the kinks, as the recent reviews seem to be quite good. I've been looking forward to trying it and will now.