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Jul 11, 2008 03:35 PM

CUT! Edwards Colorado

Just a note for my fellow Chowhounds who love Dish! Eat! and Drink! in Edwards. Grand opening for Cut! is Monday July 14th. I can't get up there for awhile but I hope someone will stop in and give us a report back here. BlueOx? Ddavis?

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  1. I was hoping it was opening tomorrow, so I could check it out when I hit the Edwards Farmers Market. I go by next week.

    The folks who have the Columbine Bakery have opened a pizza place in the spot the old Brass Parrot was located. I know, where was the Brass Parrot? It is behind Avon Liquors. They installed a big time pizza oven and are going to do deli, bakery and pizza. If they meet the standard set at the Columbine, we may finally get good, yuppie, pizza in Avon.

    Also, Thomas S's (Larkspur) restaurant in the Avon Westin is now named Avondale, the original name, Watermark had trademark issues. Most are betting on it opening during the first half of September. We enjoyed the Fireworks from there on the 3rd of July and Thomas did the food which was outstanding.

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      I don't know where the Brass Parrot was, but the Columbine Bakery has been a longtime favorite stop just off I-70. It occupies a sport in a small strip mall across from the supermarket -- long before Avon mushroomed and sprawled, long before it was Wal-Martized, long before there was a hotel property worthy of the Westin name. First-rate pastries to munch on the road -- and good light meals too. If their pizza place lives up the original bakery, it's a good one.

    2. We were out there last week but won't be back till August. We'll try to check out Cut! I've been wondering when it would finally open.

      We had excellent meals last week at Golden Eagle, Ti Amo and Grouse Mountain Grill. Had some excellent sushi at Sato, but it's just too happenin' and LOUD for me! Also had a great brunch at Ella in Carbondale.