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Figueroa Produce - New market in Highland Park

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A new market has opened on York near Figueroa (in the 99 cent store shopping center). It's run by a couple of young, handsome guys who are very welcoming and friendly and are really eager to support the community. The produce is fresh and CHEAP. Raspberries were $1.59, blueberries 2.59 (for a large container). Plums and other summer fruit are priced at .49 to .79 a pound. There's a fresh meat counter, and some frozen and refrigerated items, including two flavors of Dr. Bob's ice cream. They also sell some packaged bulk items, like JORDAN ALMONDS. They had Italian biscotti for 2.99. I think this place is a gem and I hope it succeeds. Everyone is friendly and helpful. Please give them your support. They are having a grand opening this Sunday (July 13) from noon to 5, with free samples. Oh, and the tamales sold out of the back of a truck in that parking lot are superb.

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  1. Thanks for the tip HPCAT! I'm in South Pasadena, and have been ISO a regular produce place. I'll spread the word!

    1. Couldn't wait for the Sunday opening and took a cruise by. Their store made salsa is really good and they have a nice selection of Middle Eastern baked goods and pita chips. There were THREE flavors of Dr. Bob's and wonderful Jones Roaster coffee beans for $9.00 per pound. Small butcher case with good looking marinated meat and chicken. I mentioned that there was no diet soda (but a great selection of Mexican sodas) and the cashier made a note immediately. Charmingly enthusiastic staff. Hooray for Highland Park! Viva Figueroa Market!

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        I didn't make the grand opening, but I'm putting this place on my regular rotation. I suspect the place will only get even more awesome, as the owners and staff are very eager to please. I hope all chows in the area will give it lots of support.

      2. What a good idea--I hope this place makes a go of it, and suspect it will. I'm going later today.

        1. Thanks for posting the info. That place had been in the "opening soon" stage for so long that I thought it was going to be a no go. I wish them well but with fresh produce they may have a tough time competing with the Super King. The two markets are each about equally distant for me. But I'll definitely give Figueroa Produce a try.

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            I didn't think they were going to open, either. But given their produce and prices, and having to wait in those aggravating lines at Super A, I'll take Fig Produce any day.

          2. I agree that this is a great addition to the neighborhood. The guacamole is wonderful and reasonably priced and I can also vouch for the hummos and pita breads. They advertise local eggs that I want to try next. I wish them well.

            1. That settles it, I'm hitting this place on Saturday. I've heard a lot about it including a good entry here and on Eating L.A.

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                fyi: Super King on San Fernando (just off off of the 2 freeway) is even better than Fig. Produce. Lots more produce, extremely fresh, and even better prices. I buy berries, fresh pitas and it has an extremely interesting deli counter. It is always an adventure when I go there.

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                  That's pretty close, too. Thanks for the tip.

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                    Be prepared for the most insane parking lot situation you have ever seen.