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Jul 11, 2008 03:27 PM

Who has better food: Palate or Lucques?

Need to take someone out for a special occasion and am thinking of Palate, which I've never been to, or Lucques for Sunday supper, which I've had and thought it was fabulous food.

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  1. They offer quite different approaches to food.

    Lucques' Sunday supper is a homey three course meal, typically featuring seasonal food. It's usually very tasty, but not particularly adventurous. You can find the menu for this coming Sunday on their website:

    Palate is a "small plates" concept with a somewhat more eclectic menu. It also features seasonal ingredients and the menu changes every couple of days. I have to say that my recent meal here was the best food I've had in a long time, thus I would encourage you to try it over Lucques. However, it really depends on what exactly you are looking for.

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      I'm looking for something special in food and atmosphere/interior of the restaurant. It's not that I found Lucques to be super special looking, but I thought the food was excellent. What's the ambiance like at Palate?

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        I thought everything about Palate was special. It's located in the old Cinnebar space in Glendale, which they have opened up and renovated to be warm and inviting. While it's definitely drawing crowds, it comes across as having a nice buzz rather than feeling crowded or packed. I would readily pick it for a special occasion over Luques.

        Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of Lucques. I just think of it more as an everyday dinner rather than a special occasion place.

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          Yet I am the opposite, in that I feel I could stop in on any occasion at Palate, grab various eats and wine tastes, and then head on out elsewhere, whereas an evening at Lucques represents a special evening, special setting, special food, etc. Much warmer setting than Palate, especially until Palate turns down the lights, which is almost a celebration unto itself - that sensation you will just have to experience for yourself to appreciate trying to put it into words.
          Food as DanaB says is very good in both places, yet very different. Most food at Palate is of the non-entree format, meaning smallish bites which in most cases are meant to be shared, while Lucques as you know on Sundays is a 3-course gig, while the balance of the nights is the appetizer, entree, and dessert format.
          Either way - nice decision to have to make.

    2. I would go with Palate as well. In addition to the fabulous food, they also have a nice wine shop, and you can stroll into the back, peruse their epicurean library, the cheese humidor etc. Keep in mind though that Palate is closed on Sundays.Fabulous wine list available in even 2.5 ounce pours,a great opportunity to explore a greater variety of wine over the course of a meal.Hmmmmm lovely cocktails

      I love Luques as well, but Octavio is putting out some swoon worthy dishes, and it really does make for a memorable evening.

        1. I tried Palate on Saturday night after waiting 3+ weeks for a prime time reservation. Overall, I was disappointed. We got there a little before 8, and were told we would have to wait a few minutes. Then a few minutes turned into 10, and then more, while we watched others who appeared to come in after us be seated. The hostess did offer to buy us a drink at the bar while we waited, but our wait was over 30 minutes. Then, once seated, it took another 10 minutes to get a server to the table to take orders, and almost 10 minutes to bring out the famous bread. The bread was wonderful, same for the butter.

          The service continued to be somewhat lackluster and the food didn't shine as anticipated by all the glowing reviews. The porkfolio was good, but the meat didn't out do many other places that do a tapas style meat platter. The mustard was what shined. The pickeled stone fruit was better than the porkfolio IMHO.

          The lauded potted pork tasted to us like tuna and pate whipped together in a blender. We were chatting with the table next to us, who was hyponotized by the food, and eager to hear our review of the potted pork. The waiter overheard our assessment and promptly told us he was taking it off the bill.

          The gnocchi was very good, and the fish was of a good quality, but the sauce was just "there". The waiter recommended the pork belly, and while it was good, it was overly fatty, and a little too salty and I have had much better at Blue Velvet and Bin 8945. The vegetable in parchment was excellent, however. In fact, I found the food at Bin 8945 to be better than Palate over all (David when are you opening the new place--hopefully with Mike Bryant at the helm!!!!).

          Finally, when the bill came, the drinks which the hostess offered to buy for us at the bar to soothe the wait showed up on the bill, causing another wait while they took it off.

          I was SO looking forward to this place, and it broke my heart to walk out of there not caring if I went back again. If I do give them another chance, it will be a sit at the bar, have the bread, a porkfolio and a cheese plate with a nice red. I would go with Lucques.

          1. I really wanted to like Palate, but was disappointed. I liked the space and the service, but the food missed. I thought the pork mason jar was a little gnarly. The sea bass was just ok...

            Lucques gets my vote.

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            1. re: Budonk

              went to palate for the second time and thought the food was better this time.
              potted poulet (chicken) which was better than salmon or pork that we had the first time.
              assorted plate of proscuitto and salumi was as good as first time.
              the stand outs were: crab rissoto, oxtail and rabbit...that being said i don't see palate as special occasion place...for that i would pick lucques.