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Jul 11, 2008 03:24 PM

Auberge du Pommier Summerlicious Dinner Review

My two friends and I went for dinner on Thursday evening. We had such a wonderful time. The service was superb, the ambience sublime (we were fortunate to sit on the patio), and the food was exceptional.

The only disappointment of the evening was the Rhubarb consomme dessert. We ordered it only to find that it was merely over-ripe, watery strawberries in juice, with three tiny pieces of meringue. No rhubarb in site, but the waitress told us it was pureed into the juice. Uh, okay. But, and this is where we fell in love with our waitress- when we mentioned that our choice of dessert was disappointing, she told us that she did not want any of us to leave unhappy, so, if we still could find the room, she would love to bring us out the chocolate pave of chocolate creme. She said, "Even if you only have a bite, please try it." Despite having full bellies, we ate it (she brought us out three, we didn't have to share). It was divine!

Here are the photos:

Potage of Heirloom Tomato & Melon with marinated bay scallops and lemon balm

Tournedos de Boeuf seared beef tenderloin with glazed pearl onions, Ontario mushrooms and creamy pommes purée

Loup de Mer Savage baked wild sea bass with young leeks, saffron aioli and sauce bouillabaisse

Chocolat pavé of chocolate crème with cocoa crumble, white maple syrup and birch beer foam

Rhubarb Consommé
Bonacini farm rhubarb nage with marinated Ontario strawberries and crispy lavender meringue

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  1. Add the last two photos of the Amuse Gueule- I had already taken a bite, I couldn't resist, of the tiny mushroom tart (with the most buttery, flaky crust ever), and their amazing Fred's Bread multigrain with puree.

    And the rhubarb Consomme

    1. Amazing light in your photos. Thank you for the post, we will definitely try their licious menu.

      1. As for the Rhubarb, the Rhubarb is stewed to bring out the flavour, not pureed, I'm sure the waitress was just confused.

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        1. re: CIRCLES_SQ

          Certainly the nage involves 'water reduction' (OK stewing) - but doesn't a nage also involve serving the item that's stewed also (usually veggies)?

          1. re: estufarian

            The nage doesn't have to have rhubarb in it. I think the idea of the dessert is to provide a lighter alternative to the chocolate pave.

            1. re: CIRCLES_SQ

              We were at Auberge this past Tuesday - never been there before and was skeptical about the summerlicious menu... (not usually a big fan of summerlicious)

              But I was reallly surprised and thought our meal was fantastic. We had the salad with peach vinegrette, tenderloin & the rhubarb nabe. Actually - I loved the dessert... in fact, I am still thinking about it...

              I loved the herby frangrant lavender, the sweet consomme & the delicate strawberries.