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Jul 11, 2008 03:17 PM

Mr. Hummos (Poway)

I went through this shopping center a little to late yesterday to purchase food from any Pamir or even North Park Produce, so I stopped in Mr. Hummos on whim. They had shut off their oven, too, but I took a to-go menu.
The wood-oven items (sfeha, fatayer, manakeesh) looked enticing. Any opinions? Is this worth a side trip off the freeway through Poway's jungle of stoplights next time I'm driving by and hungry?

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  1. YES! It is totally worth it. I'm rooting for this place to survive, so spread the word. The falafel was really good. Everywhere else, it tastes more like a hockey puck.. but here it was super moist. The kebabs are excellent, as well as their Baba Ghanouj. Everything on the Mr. Hummos Combo plate is fabulous. Can't wait to go back and try the other items. I feel sorry for the suckers going to Daphne's.. they are missing out.

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      I recently moved to Poway and have been to Mr. Hummos once so far. It was great! I usually try the standards on a first visit (humos and kefta) and both were very tasty. I did a search and found this thread to see if anyone else had posted anything about it. I thought I should give a good shout out to the place, like larak I would like to see this place survive. My friend told me that they are actually a Syrian/Lebanese restaurant.

      Of course if anyone else has suggestions for Poway, I would love to hear them! I'm also a fan of Mexi-cocina :)

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        Poway Sushi Lounge has really good happy hour deals and on Mondays certain rolls are half off.

        Domenic's Italian is running their $10 pasta dinner special. You get complimentary buttered carrots and their addictive garlic knots. It's always more food than we can finish.

        Luc's Bistro is in the shopping center with LA Fitness and is a blend of southern and French dishes - all great. Prices are really reasonable, too. I think dinner tops out at $18-20? The short ribs were meltingly tender...

        At Pomerado and Poway, around the corner from Winchell's Donuts is Bua Thai. It's a couple dollars cheaper than Takhrai Thai (Scripps Poway and Pomerado, also where Lappert's is), but it's decent Thai food. The service has always been really good.

        Patrick's Irish pub is by Community and has some of the best fish and chips.

        There's actually a lot of good food showing up in Poway, which is nice because now we don't have to go far for a last minute dinner decision.

    2. have not been but will stop by this week..
      I have to go to Luc's bistro too..
      Great to see some good food in Poway!!

      Did you see that they opened a Bisher's meat in the Stein-Mart center too..

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        Bisher's Meats has always had a store in Poway. They just recently moved to the Stein Mart center from their location farther up Midland Road (across from the farmers market location). It's a bit larger than the old location and they're going to install a deli case to sell Boar's Head meats and sliced cheese.

        Definitely stop by Luc's Bistro! The owners are really nice and the food is delicious. We haven't had anything on the menu that was disappointing. Same owners as Cavaillon, so they use their purchasing power to keep food prices lower at Luc's, which I think is cool.

        As for Mr. Hummos, I really love their falafels, hummos, baba ganoush, and tabbouleh salad. It's been a while since we've visited, but maybe it's time we made some revisits!