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Jul 11, 2008 03:07 PM


We are active seniors and are minding our pennies. We will be spending a few days in Seattle, staying at a downtown hotel and will be depending on public transportation. We enjoy good food and are looking for nice restaurants that have early bird specials/sunset suppers/ three/four course menus/prix fixe...every community has their own name for these cost saving meals. We hope you can recommend some nice places that will fit our pizza/hamburger joints or Asian eateries, please.

We have investigated on our own and have come up w/ the following restaurants that have early bird specials. Are they any good? Your comments on which ones we should consider, please:

1)Maximilien in the Market
3)Anthony's Pier 66

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  1. Visiting Seattle and not eating at any "Asian eateries" is like going to Italy and not eating Italian. If your idea of Asian is sweet and sour pork, you might want to expand your Chowhound horizons.

    1. in columbia city at La Medusa there is a prix fixe farmers market dinner ... the farmers market is on wednesday and a great one and these dinners are fun and freah and good and if I remember correctly about $25. ... of the 4 restaurants on your list the only one I could recommend (with hesitation) is Maximilien.

      1. I have enjoyed Cascadia's prix fixe menu a couple of times and think it is a good value. You might consider editing the "title" of your post; you'll get more responses.