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Jul 11, 2008 02:35 PM

Uni Domburi

Where can I get the best uni domburi? I had a fabulous unidon in Hokkaido but the chances of going there this year are nil. But I will be in Tokyo and Kansai and am hoping you can recommend some good places.

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  1. cant say i've ever seen UniDon anywhere outside Hokkaido, but im sure it exists somewhere (at a price)...

    A picture attached of the amazing Unidon I had in Otaru, Hokkaido the other day.. makes me drool just looking at it. They added an ebi and ikura as saabisu... :)

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      foreignmuck, I need a napkin. :)

      That looks so good! Do you have the address of that eatery? Thanks.

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        well, im not really sure exactly where it is. Its on the main street with all the old buildings are. Otaru is absolutely teaming with seafood /sushi / domburi restaurants. So many that I wonder how they all stay in business. I was out drinking one night at a Yakitori place (which again was a real treat) and started chatting with another customer there, who happened to be the proprietor of this Uni Don place. I'm not sure how it rated compared to other places, but its all much of a muchness as its all local uni, and lots of it... cost was 1800 yen for the dish above, with a free crab miso soup at lunchtime...

    2. There's a place in Kabukicho that does kaisen donburi, including uni, like you get in Hokkaido. It's near the McDonald's.You can also get it at many depachika, though it may be a prepared item. There's probably places around Tsukiji that do it as well. You can always just make it yourself.

      Attached is a snapshot of one the better looking ones I had in Hakodate a few months ago. Pure art.

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        Beautiful pic Silverjay! Do you have the address of this restaurant? Doumo! :)

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          Uni-don in Hokkaido is just plain incomparable. I like the Tomoe-don, with uni, ama-ebi and scallops. Seafood for people without teeth, so to say.

      2. There are some places in Tsukiji to get uni-don.

        Here's an interesting website I came across. It's called uni club and this page contains a listing of restaurants from around Japan with some specialty uni item on their menu. Fascinating.

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        1. re: E Eto

          Wow that definitely looks fascinating as you said E Eto. Thanks!

          The Japan Board is still a treasure for me because of the wonderful insight by people like you all that've posted in this thread. (^_^)

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            Mr. Eto NEVER ceases to amaze me because all of his comments on Japanese food, in every form, are absolutely perfect and without argument. He has a knack for explaining everything perfectly in English, which is certainly his native language.

        2. Nice photos gents, I'm attaching my kaisen don one from earlier this year, a place randomly selected near the wholesale fish market in Sapporo. I think I've already mentioned on the board but I heard a rumour that a lot of the best uni used in Japan is now coming from North Korean waters, not sure how far true this is.

          Not donburi, but In Tokyo I had very good uni (served on wonderful dark bread) at the place below. Everything else we ordered off their late night menu (notably beef grilled on a hot stone and iberico style pork) also proved to be a winner, I've been meaning to post about this place for a while now.

          銀座酒房 六角
          tel 0081-(0)3-3289-3688

          ginzasyubou Rokkaku
          kokonoekakikan 4F
          2-3-6 Yuraku,

          1. Thanks for your comments on unidon and the lack of good choices outside of Hokkaido. I think one of my criteria for excellent unidon is not only the size, color and freshness of the uni and the momi nori but the rice underneath. I prefer a lightly vinegared rice rather than plain. The sushi rice brings out the flavor of uni more than regular steamed rice. Do you guys have a preference for plain or vinegared rice?