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Jul 11, 2008 02:28 PM

best bakeries/pastries in seattle

hitting seattle this weekend and next, dinners are spoken for but what are the best bakeries for breakfast pastries or a little lunch? Staying downtown first weekend and near the university on the second.

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  1. The best French style sweet rolls I have ever had are at Belle's Epicurean in the Fairmont Olympic Hotel downtown.

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      Belle's is good. Also Cafe Besalu, in Ballard, Bakery Neuveau, in West Seattle, Boulangerie, in Wallingford, and Le Fournil, on Eastlake, Dahlia Bakery and Macrina, downtown. It's hard to go wrong in that crowd.

    2. If possible you should make the (short) trip to West Seattle and visit Bakery Nouveau. Amazing pastries and best croissant I've ever had. They also have chocolates, bread, quiche, sandwiches...

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        Bakery Nouveau, hands down. The owner/baker trained at Lenotre and it's more of a French style patisserie/boulongerie. For more American style treats, the Dahlia Bakery (downtown) is very good. Near the university, Le Fournil is pretty good.

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          Thank you for the nuance, christy, with which I agree. Our group had a tasting session, at which we tried to compare pastries taken out from Nuveau and Besalu, but it was so close we could't tell how much the difference in travel time was skewing the result, so now we are planning a patisserie tour. For the record, Nuveau took "best croissant" and Besalu "best fruit tart" (wow, what a pear) and "Best chocolate croissant," but every bite of every pastry from both establishemnts was great food, and there were no complaints.Fournil seems a little "chain-store," but does a great job of pretty fruit and nut tarts and, on a good day, other goodies, as well.
          Not exactly pastry, but Irwin's, on N. 40th St, in Wallingford, has a fantastic blueberry muffin and Marionberry scone.

        1. Louisa's on Eastlake (between downtown and the UW) is owned by the folks who started the Famous Pacific Dessert Company. They make classic American baked goods--pies instead of tartes, big chewy cookies--but their puff pastry confections are awfully good, too! Breakfasts include chubby omelettes, caramelized apple French toast (especially good with a side of home made sausage), home made hash, and amazing oatmeal.