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Jul 11, 2008 02:23 PM

leicester top recs for saturday night , two veggies two none !

Dear all

Looking for top recs for Leicester on a Saturday night. Two of us are veggies and we have often eaten in Sayonara for Thali veggie food but have not eaten there for a couple of years

Where else has great food and a good mix of veggie and non veggie food ? Nowhere too up itself, please, and any kind of cuisine apart from Chinese is fine.

Thanks for any help you can give

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  1. have a look at this thread ( I'm a confirmed carnivore, but I really like Bobby's and Halli

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    1. re: hnswst

      Ooh I was excited to see a Leicester thread but I can't get the link posted above to work.

      Anyway, Sayonara is always good, but Halli on Granby St is too, if not so much of a bargain. It is South Indian and have a website if you Google Halli Leicester.

      If you like Japanese food, Little Tokyo on Braunstone Gate is good. It is tiny and always busy so may be worth booking.

      Barceloneta on Queen's Road is good tapas and should be fine for veggies or not. Agaon would need to book.

      Let us know where you end up.