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Jul 11, 2008 01:49 PM

best sports bar near yankee stadium

earnest atlanta braves fans seek good food and drink near a great old venue

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  1. They'll all be mobbed before the games, but Yankee Tavern has decent deli sandwiches (corned beef, pastrami). Run of the mill beers, but that's true of all the bars near the stadium.

    1. before and after the game, on the other side of the river in Manhattan:

      Broadway and 169th St

      1. stans is definately where you want to have a beer!

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        1. My suggestion will be a bit different than the standard bars that are all there. If you want a really crowded place with regular bar food and expensive beers, then Stans or Yankee Tavern will do the trick (although does Stans serve food? I guess they do, but it's been a while since I've been there). Both of those places will work if you are kind of looking for more of that experience where you'll be with a ton of Yankee fans. But, if you are looking for actual good food and a less crowded bar with reasonable beer prices (although I do think they just raised their prices so it's probably about the same as all the other places now), then I would go to Feeding Tree ( ) for some excellent Jamaican food and also Vega Alta for your bar (which doesn't serve food). They are about 15 feet from each other.

          Feeding Tree won't look like much from the inside, but their food is delicious, especially compared with the other options. It's two rooms - one of which you order at the counter and eat there and the other is a restaurant. The latter sometimes isn't open. About 4 doors down from Feeding Tree is Vega Alta. It is kind of a Yankee bar in that there will be Yankee fans there and they have some Yankee posters and TV's on the pre-game show, but the feel inside is more of a neighborhood Hispanic bar. Usually they have Hispanic music on. Sometimes it is crowded, but never too crowded. I like it because I can usually find a seat and I never feel suffocated like I do at the other places. Last time I was there the Heineken's were $6 each though, which is a raise from what they used to be (either $5 or $5.50). They'll also make a strong drink if that's what your looking for.

          Both places are a block and a half away from the stadium and about an extra half block from where most the bars are. (You'll see a bunch across from the stadium and also a bunch of places if you turn and go up the block. If you walk to the end of the block, then cross the street towards the diner on the corner, it'll be on the other side of that street).

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          1. re: Taylor.Watson

            I've been hearing lots of Vega Alta Bar/Tavern (880 Gerard Avenue) references lately, mostly that its best feature is the lack of crowds. What I'm trying to say is - don't look for great food or drink near the Stadium - if you really want something good you'll have to go outside the immediate neighborhood.

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              Not true. If you're just looking for decent food that's not a bar (though you can get drinks at either) both the Feeding Tree and El Molino Rojo good and are both just a block from the stadium.

              1. re: jdf

                Haven't heard of El Molino Rojo. I'm going to have to check it out.

                1. re: Taylor.Watson

                  Its also commonly referred to as the cuchifritos. Good, latin food. Chicken, chuletas fritas etc. No frills, but good, cheap and filling.

          2. If you just want to knock down a few Buds before the game, Stans will do. However, if you want something a little calmer, with better beer, there is a small place about two blocks past Stans [heading sourth on River Ave] and up the hill a bit. The sign out front says Stella Artois. There is food, good beer, and no one will puke on your shoes. I think that the actual name of the place can be found on Beer Advocate.

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            1. re: Brooklyn Mel

              Been a while, so this rec. is not exactly 'hot off the presses,' but does anyone else love THE NEWS BAR?

              Far enough away from the Stadium (2 blocks?) to weed out the bloated hordes, but close enough to catch the first inning, and cooler than you know. Think blue crab specials, Kareoke Tuesdays, genuine, neighborhood-friendly vibe.

              1. re: Mr. Particular

                I think you're thinking of the old News Room, which was on Gerard Avenue just south of 161st. A few years back, it moved to 149th Street a few years back.

                I'll also second the suggestion for Vega Alta. Stan's is a madhouse.