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Jul 11, 2008 01:19 PM

Basket or rack for steaming lobsters

I want to steam some lobsters; have the stock pot but the recipe I have recommends using a steamer basket to set the lobsters on, so they won't sit in the boiling water. I have an old collapsible steamer basket, good for steaming vegetables and very inexpensive originally, but it has VERY short feet, much less than the one inch recommended for steaming for 10 minutes. If I put an inch of water in the pot, the creatures would still be sitting in the water!

Any suggestions on where to find a basket or rack (my stock pot didn't come with one) to elevate the 'sters?

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  1. Sur La Table has a really big (21 qt.) pot with steamer basket for just that thing.

    1. I've never done this myself, but I've come across a recommendation more than once to make a "rack" by crumbling aluminum foil and putting that on the bottom of your pot.

      1. I'd suggest saving your money. I steam plenty of lobsters and have never felt the need for a rack. I start by filling my stock pot about half full and get that boiling so I can plunge the lobster(s) in quickly and kill them as humanely as possible. After a couple of minutes I pour out most of the water, leaving only an inch or two, then cover and steam away - that's plenty of water for the 15 to 30 minutes of steaming they'll need, depending on size, and isn't enough water to change the steaming to boiling.

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          I agree with FlyFish. I have never used a rack to steam my lobsters either and follow the same technique as he/she does (adding some Old Bay to the water of course).

        2. Can you turn your steamer basket upside down to create the one-inch elevation? That's what I do.