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Jul 11, 2008 01:04 PM

Velo in Nyack? Has anyone been there yet?

I'd like to try this restaurant. (French Bistro) It's where Heather's Cucina was in Nyack. Has anyone been here yet with recommendations (positive or negative)?

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  1. Although not a full-length, multi-course visit, Velo was one of our stops on the Taste of Nyack evening. They served us a fried polenta triangle with white sauce substituted for veal sauce, since my friend and I are both vegetarian. The polenta was tasty, the sauce rather bland. The service was great though, waitron very accommodating and polite, and the space is nice. I'd go back to give it a real try.

    1. I was there two weeks ago for appetizers and drinks with some friends. It was delicious and I had a hard time choosing from the menu because everything looked so good. I wasnt very hungry (unusual for me :p) and so I had the goat cheese and caramelized onion tart with a white wine glaze drizzled on the plate. It was very tasty. One of my friends had the arctic char burger which was a special and he really enjoyed it.
      I would definitely go there again.

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        Went last night, this is a wonderful and welcome new addition to the area, an area sorely lacking in creative cooking. Ambience is serene, a corner storefront, low lighting, brick walls, and some quirky biking knicknacks. (Velo means Bike in French).

        The menu is interesting, and the dishes are prepared by a kitchen that cares. The staff is warm and welcoming, and just attentive enough without being cloying.

        Standout starters are the goat cheese tart with caramelized onions baked in a pastry. And the fried oysters, which are far from ordinary, served with 2 fantastic dipping sauces on a bed of frisee.
        Mains feature a slab of Arctic Char pan seared to a very crispy crust on top on a bed of beet-infused couscous that was as gorgeous as it was tasty. The 1/2 chicken, organic, and crispy-roasted, was just right on a bed of broccoli rabe and gravy. There are a small selection of specials, and the menu is not overly large, but consulting with the neighboring tables everything was wonderful.

        A great wine list including 15 wines by the glass is a nice feature. Marcello, the head waiter, is very accommodating. We watched him bring over 3 small tastings of wine to a nearby table until they finally decided on one. A lot of patience, and a really nice touch.

        Desserts looked very decadent, but we were too full.

        All in all, a lovely experience. Highly recommended. Go!

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          I actually went last night too and wasn't all that impressed. Highlight of the meal was the Chianti risotto which had a generous amount of black truffle throughout. Pizza wasn't bad but the sauce was too sweet for my likings. Caesar wedge was, well.. exactly that (lots of cheese though which is always a +). I had the pork chop entree which was underseasoned and despite all kinds of toppings... rather boring and bland. Other entrees at the table were scallops (overcooked), cioppino (shellfish was pretty mediocre, and the chicken (prob the best of the bunch). We split two deserts (brownie sundae and tamarind donuts). Can't say I tasted any tamarind but it was good nonetheless.. wasn't crazy about the texture of the ice cream in the sundae but wasn't bad overall.

          Service was well intentioned but could use some work (please don't sarcasticly say "I can tell you didn't like that!" with each course...)

          Wine list seemed to be well thought out and was somewhat reasonable.

          Overall I'm not going to rush to return but I'll give it another chance when they get a bit more settled in.

      2. I tried Velo this weekend with friends. Overall, it was a good experience, albeit expensive. $170 per couple (incl tax/tip) including a bottle of inexpensive wine and assorted drinks.. The service was fair... It got off to a rough start but got better as the night wore on. We werent noticed after we were seated for 10 minutes.

        The food was very good. The goat cheese tart was wonderful. Too bad we had to share it with our friends. The chianti risotto was delicious as another appetizer (we had to order an entree portion), but i was disappointed in the Steak Frites. It was a very small portion of skirt steak. I expected a strip or rib eye... It was accompanied by a small portion of fries. At least, if you are going to go light on the steak, it wouldnt hurt the food cost too much to load the plate with fries.. I regreted that I didnt order the grilled half chicken. I was hungry.

        One surprise was the limited selection of classic (classical?) french dishes. I realized the restaurant was more of an Italian Bistro but the french name was deceptive. Im being biased. I was hoping for escargot. It wasnt on the menu.

        The donuts for dessert were really good. They were a bit heavier than i wished, but they were great dipped in the Creme Anglaise? (I think) sauce and the mixed berry compote...

        One more thing. The noise level when the restaurant is crowded is high. the tin ceiling is beautiful, but the noise bounces. Nothing to muffle the sounds... Dont go on a busy Saturday night, expecting a quiet romantic experience. romantic maybe, but not quiet.

        All in all a good experience. Only the overall cost would keep me from returning too often. I wish suburban restaurants would get out of the habit of charging NY club prices for drinks..

        1. I was there a couple weeks ago and I loved it. I was there for my graduation with my family. The food is absolutly wonderful. I would definitly go back there.

          1. I have been there five times since they opened. I LOVE IT!!! The food is great. Try the gnocchi w/lamb for sure. I have never ever had fresh gnocchi this good outside of Italy!! The risotto made with chianti and black truffle will have you daydreaming about it for days to come. Order an entree size if you can if you want any of the pastas for your main meal.

            The fried oyster appetizer changed my mind about fried oysters. They were plump and juicy, seasoned perfectly, lightly battered and fried just right. The lamb chops (3 decent sized ones) were cooked to perfection.

            The staff is really friendly and helpful with suggestions on the menu and the wines to pair with the food. Pete, at the bar, was the one who suggested the oysters with a white wine, Albarino from Spain I think. It was great too! They all seems to be enjoying themselves and liking what they are doing (even the bus boy had a big smile). It just added to the whole warm and comfortable feel of the place.

            I say go, go, go! Call for a reservation if it's a weekend, I couldn't even get a spot at the bar this weekend! Or go on a Tuesday or Wednesday. Enjoy!

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              Had another excellent meal at Velo. Food, service, ambience, all top-notch.

              Amazing how this place flies under the radar, not a word about it in any of the mainstream resto reviewers. Shows the (un) value of Zagat, nowhere to be found in there.