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Jul 11, 2008 12:52 PM

Good Mole?

I've had some pretty good moles around Baltimore, but does anyone know some places either in Baltimore or Silver Spring, with really authentic mole, with preferably several varieties offered?

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  1. El Azteca in Clarkesville has it on the menu. I've had it a couple times, & it was decent tho far from my favorite meal there.
    Clarkesville is pretty much midpoint between B'more & SS, ane El Azteca has great food for a "neighborhood" type place.

    1. You might try Fiesta Mexicana at 8304 Philadelphia Road in Rosedale. 410 686-0134. They are a hole in the wall and they are one of my favorite restaurants. Their tortas are to die for.

      1. I can't speak to how good it is since it's remained on my list of places to try for way too long, but I do know that Blue Agave in Federal Hill makes theirs from scratch.

        1. I know it seems a tad crazy but I had a delicious mole with chicken at the American Indian Museum last weekend. It was spicy and I believe had mango or plaintains in it. It was awesome!!!

          1. Mole is a topic near and dear to my heart. Of the seven traditional moles, I favor mole poblano, oaxaqueno or manchemanteles. Sadly, the most prevalent mole served in this area seems to be the mole amarillo (ranchero), which I find to be among the least desirable of the seven moles. I would be willing to go out of my way to go to a restaurant that serves real guajolote con mole poblano or oaxaqueno, since I find that a good mole compliments turkey far more than chicken or an enchilalada. Anyone know of any house in the Washington/Baltimore metropolitan area that serves the national dish of Mexico?