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Jul 11, 2008 12:47 PM

Angela's cafe not open?

We finally made it over to East Boston to try out Angela's for lunch this past Wednesday... imagine our disappointment when we found it all closed up, with no sign to explain why. We've tried calling the restaurant (no answer), and I've checked the Chowhound boards for updates, but haven't figured out what's up. Anyone know? Hope it's a nice reason, like a vacation, and not illness or some other bad reason!
Thanks in advance... we hope to go back next week some time, if it's open.

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  1. Oh God, I hope it's just a vacation. A fair amount of restaurants close for a week or three during the summer.

    1. That sucks to go all the way over there and find it closed. I'm sure fredid would know what's up.

      1. I actually don't! I'm surprised - I went last weekend, and if it was something planned, I'm sure that Luis and Joel would have told me....Let's cross our fingers! Mara - I hope you made it over to Rincon Limeno or El Buen Gusto, among others, to save the day!

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          Thanks, fredid. Actually, we just went to the North End (requiring a quick but not impossible switch of culinary mindset), had a decentish lunch, gelato, and bought some good balsamic vinegar, pecorino, ricotta salata, etc., which I used to make dinner that night—so still a pleasant food day... but not what I'd been anticipating oh so eagerly. But guess that now I have to try out Rincon Limeno and El Buen Gusto, too. Consider them on The List. Fingers crossed about Angela's....

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            Can you get lunch on the weekends or just breakfast? I went e few weeks ago on a Saturday around 12:30 and they only gave a breakfast menu and everyone was eating breakfast in the restaurant. That being said we got the only Mexican thing on the menu( can't remember the name), tortillas topped with chicken, steak and eggs with beans and green or red sauce and they were phenominal.

            1. re: phatchris

              That's Chillequilles and yeah, I agree it's outstanding.

              You can get lunch on the weekends or dinner at lunch time, they're flexible. No "Falling Down" type episodes there, haha.

          2. It's our usual lunch spot and the other day they were closed and there was an electrician in there doing some work. I'd say it's just some renovations.

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            1. re: firewrx612

              Phew! Thanks, firewrx612, for the update!

              1. re: fredid

                Ok... Angela's is open again!! My friend just called, spoke with Luis (I think), and it turns out that they have been working on the a/c. So you were right, firewrx612. I'm going tomorrow for lunch! Yum.

            2. Went to Angela's yesterday, Thursday, at lunchtime, and Luis came to the door and told me that they were installing a new suspended ceiling, and I believe he said they would be finished that day. He directed me to Rincon Limeno and another place, but we ended up at Antico Forno...