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Jul 11, 2008 12:46 PM

Dix Hills / Commack / Huntington Station LI

hi all. my father just moved to Dix Hills, LI. Doesn't really cook. Loves Japanese, Italian, Argentinian food, but will eat almost anything as long as it's good. Not looking for a scene, anything too loud or any chain restaurants. Often eats alone or with his 13 year old son. Any suggestions or good recommendations truly appreciated. thanks in advance.

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  1. Why not have him drive up to Huntington village? There are a lot of good places in town--and it's an easy walk to wander about and see what looks good.

    1. Same for Northport Village. Red Dish on Jericho Tpke. is pretty good.

      1. Hi. I grew up in Dix Hills but have not lived there in a long time. My parents still live there however. My rec's are the following: Japanese: Kurofune on Commack Rd just south of Jericho Turnpike. Their Hot food is excellent, Sushi is fine. Greek: In Huntington Village is the Mediterranean Snack Bar. One of my all time favorite restaurants. Everything is good there. Pizza: La Scala across the street from Bonwit in on Vanderbuilt Pkwy. I'll ask my P's for an Italian Rec or two.

        1. thanks so much! will let him know. he's definitely wiling to drive a bit to find good food. any additional recs greatly appreciated.

          1. I've been living in Dix Hills 26 years and it is largely a culinary wasteland. We often go up to Huntington Village (20 minute drive), where there's a wide range of options.

            For neighborhood Italian, we go to Conca d'Oro on Commack Rd., just north of the LIE. New owner, so things may change. La Scala on Motor Parkway is OK for pizza and basic red sauce (and slow service along with long waits).. For more upscale Italian I'd go to Cafe LaStrada on Route 111, south of LIE, just a few exits east.

            For Argentine, there's Cafe Buenos Aires on Wall St. in Huntington Village. I haven't been there, but it shares ownership with nearby Bistro Cassis (French), which is always reliable.

            Kurofune is strictly Japanese seafood. Haven't been there in years, because none of my kin will eat seafood. Nissen on Larkfield Road (next to Trader Joes) in Commack also is a good Japanese choice.

            For Thai, I would travel 10 minutes to Bay Shore for Siam Lotus. Smokin Al's BBQ also is in Bay Shore, but it's gone downhill IMHO.