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Jul 11, 2008 12:42 PM

Evos in Chapel Hill

A place called Evos has opened up next to Trader Joe's in Chapel Hill. It bills itself as a joint for quick, healthy burgers, wraps, salads, etc. Their fries are "air baked" rather than deep fried. I poked my head inside and the line was crazy, but it looks like the place just opened. Has anyone tried it? How was the food, and how quickly did the line move?

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  1. We tried to get in yesterday, and were also put off by the line. Today we got there right when it opened, though even at 11 o'clock there were about 15 people lined up. The line moved quickly, and the staff was very friendly and cheerful. I had the coupon for a free burger, fries and soda. I figured they would have some special small burger, but no--I could pick any of their burger choices. I also choose iced tea instead of soda. The order was filled very quickly. We just had time to fill our drink cups. There was a choice of three teas--two flavored and one plain. Also a choice of four different kinds of ketchup, including "Mesquite Magic" and "Cayenne Firerwalker." I liked that.

    Now, the bad news (for me at least). Just about every item, while very low in fat, is extremely high in sodium (1360 mg) in the regular burger. Airbaked chicken strips have 1420 mg. So that pretty much rules out their menu for me. I still plan to go back and try the corn dog which looked great at 500 mg. Also, the steak burger and fries were pretty dry, though the burger was nicely garnished with lots of onion, lettuce and tomato. I think for my very occasional burger craving, I would throw caution to the winds and go to somewhere like Char-Grill. My husband Honey Mesquite Chicken burgeron the other hand, was better in flavor and moistness. They also have salads and wraps. The wraps sound interesting--Crispy Thai Trout and Southwest Soy Taco are two examples.