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Jul 11, 2008 12:31 PM

London: Leung's Legend - no please no!

Visited at the end of June.

Oyster pancake - what a joke. I've had this countless times growing up in Taiwan and at least 5 times when visiting Taipei last year. This was not supposed to be: a) lack of gooey cornstarch, b) lack of small white napa cabbage, c) containing satay sauce. It was supposed to come with a red sweet and hot sauce, it did not.

Shu mai - not sure what the obsession with satay sauce was, but this was the first I've had it sprinkled on shu mai. Just tasted fatty.

Beef noodle soup - the noodles lacked texture, just mushy. There was a lot of beef FAT, which was not welcomed. The soup had some flavor but was salty.

We were ordering a few items to start, but after these we decided to stop ordering.

Don't get your hopes up for decent Taiwanese food, sorry to say.

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  1. Wow... I'm sorry you had such an awful experience. It does seem to suffer from inconsistency, because (luckily) the two times I've been there I've had very good food (though the service is a different story...). The oyster pancake on my visit was well executed, though not as brilliant as the ones in Shilin night market, it was good (and lots of crown daisies, nice and gooey, and it definitely wasn't satay sauce they used on top).

    I agree with the beef noodles though - the noodles are far too soft for their own good.

    I still stand by the opinion that there are some great things on the menu, though. The xiao long bao, in particular, were excellent. Delicious enough to convince me to forgive the thick tops.

    1. Does sound like this place is pretty inconsistent...glad you chimed in, as diverse opinions are very useful. The oyster pancake I had didn't have satay sauce (nor sha1 cha2 jiang4), and it did have the sweet red sauce as well as evenly distributed bits of gooey starch, but I had it more recently. I believe the oyster omelette is supposed to use tapioca or sweet potato flour, not cornstarch, no? Other than the xlb, the turnip puffs have been excellent, hope to hear more about it.

      1. must be 2 differnet chefs and no proper training. the first time I had the Oyster Omlette it was great, and the second time it was reminisant of your experience above. I agree with your recount of the beef noodles too. too mushy and not very nice..

        I wonder if the restaurant management's are aware of these threads? I guess if they google Leong's Legend, it will come up quite high....