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Jul 11, 2008 12:28 PM

Sushi Pizza- California specialty?!

Hi California Chowhounds:

I am an ambassador from the Ontario chowhound board where we had a question maybe you guys can answer. We were discussing whether Sushi Pizza was a delicassy native to Toronto sushi restaurants. Someone made the claim that it had originated in California. See the link here:

Is anybody in a position to verify whether this is true or not?
In case there is any confusion this is what Toronto sushi pizza is as described by someone on the link above: It's a round rice patty, maybe 4-5" in diameter, deep fried (so that it gets nice and crispy/chewy and golden-brown on the outside), and topped with mayo, fish (usually salmon, but somtimes tuna and/or crab), and roe.

Anyone have that? If so, is it a standard on sushi menus?

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  1. Herm... the only place in L.A. I know that has has it Tokyo Table...

    But I have NO idea if they originated it...


    1. I have honestly never heard of such a thing.

      1. never heard of it, may be regional to your area.

        1. It may have originated here -- I have no way to know -- but it certainly isn't common. I've eaten in many, many pizzerias (high end and low) and many, many sushi shops (ditto) and have never heard of sushi pizza.

          1. Yoshida in San Marino has a version.