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Jul 11, 2008 12:07 PM

Monticello and Woodbourne New York

Any places to eat that anyone recommends. Also where is Fialkoff's bakery?

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  1. Fialkoff's is to the east of Monticello on the main street across from Fiakoffs Bungalow colony . Haven't been in the catskills in a number of years since the kids stopped going to camps, but Fiakoofs used to have the best pizza up therre

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    1. re: berel

      Fialkoff's bakery is across the street (rt 42) from Fialkoff's Pizza - halfway on 42 between the town of Monticello and Appolo mall. About here on a map
      What type of places are you looking for to eat?

    2. Fialkoffs has the BEST pizza!
      Was just there a few weeks ago. Expect a long line during popular times.

      This pizza is better than almost anything you will find in the city.

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      1. re: daniklein780

        What is the price range for Fialkoffs? How much for a slice and how much for a pie? In Manhattan prices are going very high due to the cost of wheat and the rent. The former affects everyone, but I would hope overhead in Monticello is lower.

        Any other suggestions in the Woodridge area with price range appreciated. Not just pizza. I'm planning a trip Memorial Day Weekend with a group and looking for places to take them (yes, by bicycle ...we're staying in Woodridge, but we're fairly hardy sorts who don't blink at riding 5 or 10 miles to dinner)

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          I doubt these places are open Memorial day. they depend on the bungalow colonies and camps which don't really get going till the end of June

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            I heard that 'sprinkles' (pizza / ice cream) in South Fallsburg may be open year round.