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Apr 10, 2003 08:31 PM

Taylor's Steak House

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Maybe as an ex-New Yorker raised on Peter Lugar's Steak House and the like, I am a bit of a snob, but I have yet to find a truly memorable steak and/or steak house in LA, until recently, at Taylor's Pirme Steaks in Koreatown . . . which is memorable for how AWEFUL it was. The steak was like a five dollar piece of choice meat bought at Vons and thrown on a lousy broiler for a couple of minutes: bland, fatty (not by way of marbling, just fat), and limp. Their creamed-spinach was a joke: a tiny cup of tastless steamed spinach with a couple shredded pieces of Velveeta baked on top. The potatoes were so unremarkable that I can't even remember in what form I had them.

What is the consensus on this place? Why is it such an institution? Is our society that desparate for red banquettes?

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  1. You're not a snob, but it's silly to compare Peter Luger's which is a prime eatery in New York with Taylor's which is an old-fashioned neighborhood place that is by no means a prime eatery. The Palm will compare with Peter Luger's in price and in quality. The highest priced steak for one at Taylor's is about $20. So, the comparison is going to be skewed.

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    1. re: Jerome

      If I wanted to read New Yorkers bragging about their home town in contrast to L.A., I'd take out a subscription to The Times.

      The L.A. Times, that is.

      1. re: TE

        Particularly now that they imported much of their editorial staff and layout straight from the NYT.

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          And I can't find a decent taco in NYC. So what? You stop bitching and move on.

          Try The Pacific Dining Car.

      2. Never tried Taylors, but not under the impression that is anything spectacular. Scroll down a bit and read recent thread about LG's Prime Steakhouse in Palm Desert. The on-premise dry-aged cuts are truly dreamy. Will be trying Luger's or Bobby Van's next week, but as far as I'm concerned, LG is the one to beat.

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        1. re: Ernie

          I've never seen a post referring to Taylor's as the place to get the best steak -- it's referred to as a place to get a good bargain on a steak dinner.

          Two very different things.

        2. Peter Lugar's isn't great(one of the worst steak dinners ever(1200-), for NY) but Taylors is horrible compared. Some of the best Prime Dry Aged Beef in the World still exists in LV. I know I'll be demoted for saying this but CIRCUS CIRCUS STEAK HOUSE is very GOOD, quality vs. price, almost unbeatable. PRIME Steakhouse(in NY,NY in LV) is better and the Japanese"Highend" Kobe Steakhouses blow it all away. We've had lot's of great Steaks in NY but hardly ever in the Tourist places. On a good day, Mortons.

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          1. re: russkar

            The Prime steakhouse you mention, isn't that in the Bellagio? Anyway, the one in the Bellagio is indeed remarkably good.

            I've never understood the whole Taylor's thing. For me I thought it was just an ok steakplace. Maybe it's because I don't drink and that seems to be a part of it's charm (the bar?)

            1. re: Filmfreaketta

              I'm sure your right about the location of PRIME Steakhouse (All Casinos are begining to look the same to me). Drink or not, Taylor's just doesn't have it, especially at the bar and I cringe when a client insists on going there. I had a really good Steak(Ribeye and Filet) at Gulfstream in NB recently.

            2. re: russkar

              You deserve a promotion for your mention of the Circus Circus Steak House. The place is an oasis in a hellhole of a hotel. I haven't found a better steakhouse in Vegas given the level of service, the quality of the beef and the prices. I've sent dozens of people there and all have thanked me, If only they could have a separate entrance so you could avoid having to walk through the hotel.

              1. re: russkar
                Michael Robertson Moore

                Demoted, hell. I had a fine dinner at Circus Circus, to which my brother is almost religiously devoted. Or maybe it was so good because it was paid for by the poor suckers who played that slot before I did. (Michael's unbeatable Vegas system: win once and never go back.)

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                  Speaking of LV steakhouses, I had a fine hunk of meat at "Nine Steakhouse" at the Palms hotel. Certainly in the Morton's class in terms of the quality of steak.

                  Russkar said it best when stating "On a good day, Mortons." Let's face it. It all depends on the cow. I've had several steaks at Morton's, Ruth's Chris, The Palm, etc, etc...I usually get the same cut each time. They're almost always cooked to perfection each time and certainly their supplier of meat couldn't change from visit to visit. So what makes one steak on a certain visit a good notch above the identical steak on another visit? A happy cow!

                  Of course, the best steaks are still prepared over the grill at home.

                2. Yeah, I'd say you are a snob. The thing about Taylor's is not 'the food' but rather everything rolled into one: the location, the atmosphere, the waitresses, the bar, the booths, the price, the molly salad, the martinis, and the Raymond Chandler LA-ishness. I dunno -- maybe you have to be an LA freak to get off on the place. All I know is that although I would never say it had the area's best steaks (my current vote is Arroyo Chop House ... and before I get my head bit off, I have never been to Mortons. I was a Ruth's Chris employee for nine years and still can't get myself to walk into out arch competitor) I frequent Taylor's and love it everytime.

                  I am curious, though. Which steak did you get? I have much better luck there with the Filet and the Culotte than anything else. The Prime Rib can also be surprisingly good. If you get the cottage fries, you MUST ask for the very very crispy/well done.

                  Also, please don't think I am some LA food heathen I love NYC and love the food there. If I could eat at Gramercy or Jean Georges once a month, I would certainly be fat but I would also be in heaven. I just think you have to understand that there are certain LA places that you have to be here a while to understand. El Coyote would probably be another.

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                  1. re: Tom P

                    I've been here all my life, and I still don't get El Coyote. :-)

                    Agree with you on everything else, tho.

                    1. re: Tom P

                      You are right on in your analysis of Taylor's "cachet". And as far as Morton's goes, they consistently, from city to city, serve the best New York steak I have ever had. So you ought to at least give them a try.

                      I am also looking forward to trying out L.G.'s the next time we are in Palm Desert, and if I am ever trapped at Circus Circus, I will be eating steak.

                      1. re: Tom P

                        Sharon Tate had her last meal at El Coyote. It's an L.A. thing.

                        I LOVE Taylor's for all the Raymond Chandleresque reasons you posted. Get the culotte with a Molly salad. Great value and a really fun experience. VERY friendly staff too.

                        Morton's is overpriced and snooty.

                        I'll stick with Taylors!

                        1. re: Tom P

                          The molly salad! Yes!

                          And, at lunch - their tuna sandwich. Uses canned tuna (I asked) but SURPRISINGLY good.

                        2. As a longtime customer of both Taylors', I sadly and reluctantly must agree with your assessment. The last 2 of 3 outings to Taylor's in Koreatown were dismal. (Within the last 4 months.) Send-backs for both of us on the prime-rib and cullotte steak. Knots of gristle in the PR and the cullotte steak was tough beyond salvation. I can think of no more than 8 times in my life where I've sent food back, so I'm not overly picky. Where once Taylor's was a haven for mid-priced, tasty aged prime beef, these latest ventures have been a real disappointment for us.

                          We will still patronize Taylors (given the familiar service and atmosphere) but with a heavier heart and less expectation. If we want top-shelf prime, we'll have to pony up to Lawry's prices (and quality).

                          I must note that I often have lunch in the La Canada location (near work) and have yet to be disappointed. Though I admit that I rarely stray from the Beefeater sandwich (which is without peer), it seems the quality of beef at La Canada tops that of downtown. Wish I knew why.

                          Hopefully this isn't a downhill trend to one of my favorite (formerly unknown) smaller steak joints. Proceed with a degree of caution - and moderate expectations - and you may be pleasantly rewarded.

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                          1. re: cagey

                            I have been to the La Canada location for lunch recently and it has been excellent.