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Jul 11, 2008 11:50 AM

Raleigh (1 night) & Asheville (3 nights) NC

Hi all, my BF and I are heading to NC for a long overdue vacation. Are there places in Raleigh and Asheville (I know - not close together at all) that you consider "can't miss"? We love pretty much any kind of food, as long as it's tasty. We have a lot of Italian and Seafood in the Boston area, so we're hoping for something differnt when we go. Thanks!

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  1. For the Raleigh area I would suggest either:
    The Pit in Raleigh for great regional BBQ in a somewhat upscale environment
    Watts Grocery in Durham for a sophisticated Southern spin with mainly local ingredients. Watts gets better each time I go!

    There are many really good options in the area, but these two suggestions are distinctly tied to the region and help distinguish our local food.

    1. My favorite place in Raleigh is a Mongolian BBQ Bali Hai. It's on 2414 Wake Forest Road. They aren't open on Sunday. It's so funny my 10 year old was talking about it today. She even loves it. We went to CA last year and tried some Mongolian places there, but none can compare. It's a hole in the wall, but you go in and get in line (if you get there when they open there is usually a line waiting). They do have beer and I guess wine. You get a tray and a couple of bowls and fill them up. They charge by the bowl. You pick what combination of sauce you want (I get a combo #7 (sweet and hot)) and then they cook it for you. Yummy!

      I live in Asheville. If you do a search there is one with 150 posts about Asheville. If you are looking for something different I would suggest Tupelo Honey's downtown. But I would also suggest just going downtown and walking around and deciding. I would stay away from Bistro 1896 (or whatever year it is) as I recently had a bad experience there. I love Carmel's for brunch if you are in for a weekend.