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Jul 11, 2008 11:48 AM

8 year old girl's birthday dinner

Where can I go for an 8 year old's 8:30 pm birthday dinner, with a bunch of her girlfriends? She is a city kid, and so are they. She is not (yet) a gourmet, but we are and I'd like to take them someplace a little special or unusual. Serendipity? Someplace else, pref on the UWS? Uptown preferred, alas...Thanks for any help you can provide.

No theme-y Planet Hollywood-type places, please...

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. maybe something like Congee Village for both unusual and usual chinese food?

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      1. re: progressivenewamerican

        She might be able to handle it but I don't know about her 8 year old friends (one of them ordered plain pasta, no butter, when I took her out to dinner recently--at Brooklyn Diner! $10 for plain pasta, the ultimate markup).

      2. wow, what a fun question...

        hmm, i'd like to think of somewhere better than Serendipity, because she'll doubtlessly go there for countless other pre-teen bday over the years...and then hers will blend into all the others...

        What kind of food does she like?

        UWS makes it hard too, because that's a bit of a wasteland even for an 8-year-old palate...

        How many other people in the party? Italian place?...Greek?...Mexican?...i don't have a definitive suggestion in mind...but such a fun question demands thought...

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        1. re: Simon

          I *know* UWS is a wasteland, I'm dying to move back downtown. Problem is it's a wasteland for adults not kids.

          party of 10, 3 adults and 7 kids (gulp). I'd like good food in principle (and for the adults to eat), but to be honest a festive, slightly unusual and kid-friendly atmosphere/decor is probably more important. Thanks Simon!

        2. If you are willing to come a bit south of uptown, La Bonne Soupe, the sweet French bistron, on 55th St., b/t 5th & 6th Avs., might be a good option. Lots more on the menu than just good soups, including fondues, which would be fun for the young ladies -- and for you.

          1. I don't love Vynl, but there's plenty of sufficiently tasty kiddie and non-kiddie itmes on their broad menu to satisfy you and your pre-tween attendees. The old-time rock 'n' roll touches, bright colors, mirror balls, etc. are at once festive and subdued enough to avoid a theme-y designation.

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            1. re: D...DF

              I don't know much about it, but will check it out--sounds interesting.

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                I can take or leave the food at Vynl, but my friends and I always get a kick out of the decor, and there menu is large enough that there's something for everyone.