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Jul 11, 2008 10:44 AM

Mid 20s girl's night out! Dinner recommendations...

Hey everyone,

I recently moved to NYC and have 2 friends visiting next weekend. I haven't had enough time to build up my foodie scene, so I need help! Looking for a fun, chic, restaurant with good food, good cocktails and a great atmosphere for three mid 20s women! Preferably with a hip bar scene or at least in the neighborhood of some good bars. Thanks for the help!

Any thoughts on these?:
Angel’s Share
The Modern
The Park
Bar Blanc
Spice Market

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  1. tao, spice markt and the park sounds perfect for you guys,
    angels share is a bit more "romantic" and couples-y
    modern is very chic but not really a 20's scene, it's an post-work, older crowd IMO

      1. re: Corsica

        buddakan, asia de cuba, japonais, chinatown brasserie. angels share will only let in parties. not a place to celebrate.