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Jul 11, 2008 10:28 AM

BYOB tonight - Kuma Inn/Cube 63?

bf and I want to eat out byob style tonight... thinking either Kuma Inn or Cube 63. Will it be possible to walk-in to either at 9:30-10pm without a long wait? Would it still be possible to get a reservation for 2 if we call when they open this evening, or do reservations fill up in advance?

We'd be happy with either sushi or thai/tapas, but most concerned about a long wait. Also considering Cafe Cortadito (cuban byob) in EV, we had a solid meal there a few months ago.

Also - what are some of the must-tries at Kuma Inn? If not tonight, we will definitely go in the near future.


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  1. You can make reservations at Kuma Inn! Just call right now and leave a message, and they'll let you know how busy they expect to be. I think they try to call you back around 4pm or so.

    1. try to get into kuma inn tonight, you should be able to at that hour when there are only two of you. everything is good there but definitely order the chinese sausages - they will not disappoint.

      1. You can make reservations at both. I know that at 8pm there would be about an hour wait at Kuma Inn normally but I'm not sure at 9:30ish. Also, while Cube 63 is great for quality affordable sushi, Kuma Inn has some really outstanding dishes.