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Jul 11, 2008 10:20 AM

Good, kid-friendly in Banff??

We are spending two days in Banff in August and would like to have some good meals but need some recs for places where an 8 year could find something on the menu too. I've heard good things about Bison Mountain Bistro but couldn't find anything on the menu that the kid would like.

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  1. Make the short (20 mins max) trip up the highway here to Canmore & go to the Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co - I don't think there is a more child friendly place in the Bow Valley.

    1. When I was younger not too long ago my family always ate at Coyotes in Banff it's south west states cuisine and I always found stuff I liked and the blue corn bread is a big hit with the kids.

      1. I guess it depends on how adventurous your 8 year old is for eating, but I have found that so far, many places in Banff and Canmore are surprisingly kid-friendly.

        In Banff, we've found Bow Valley Grill at the Banff Springs hotel to be hospitable to families with kids. Saltliks didn't have a separate kid's menu, but it was recommended that we order off the menu and share that way if the portion was too large for a child.

        In Canmore, I'd look into the Railway Deli (decent basic food, cafetaria style, that has a large selection, including Austrian/German foods - kids will always find something there), and also agree on the Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. (but if your child likes ham/pineapple pizza, you won't find it there). I have also noticed kids in Quarry as well, but check out their menu beforehand for your 8 year old's palate. Another place we tried for breakfast was Elita - the people running the place have young children themselves, so they seemed to be flexible. But I don't know what they offer for dinner menu; apparently half the menu is vegetarian.

        Don't miss going to Gourmet Croissants for breakfast (closed on Sundays, I think), unless your kid hates croissants and pastries - the chocolate croissants rank up there with the best ones I tasted in southern Germany.

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          Just an update - we went to the Castello Restaurant for dinner at the Banff Springs Hotel in the late fall; they had a children's menu and my 5 year old was happy with her pizza. We had a great meal ourselves and the server was very good. We did not feel out of place bringing a young child; in fact, there were a number of other children in the restaurant. Another place to consider in Banff in the future.