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Jul 11, 2008 10:17 AM

Vintage Henckels

While packing up to move, my Mother-in-law found 2 serving forks and a knife that looks to be very old. They all have the Henckel tradmark and one indicates the town in Germany were it was made. They look like they have bone handles also. I emailed Henckels to see if anyone can give me any information, especially a date range, when these may have been response yet from them. I also went online, and Ebay, but haven't found anything similar just yet. I will try to attach some images but if anyone knows where I can get information about these items, I would love to know!

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  1. Those look to be made from carbon steel and not stainless, my guess would be pre 1970's. You could try asking this guy on ebay
    He sells lots of vintage knives and might have more information.

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    1. It is a carving set. The handles appear to be horn if that is any help to you. My parents had a similar set probably purchased in the 50's. Their's also had a honing steel with it. Hope that is a bit of help. The older sets I have seen with the horn handles have been pretty pricey with antiques dealers.

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        My parents have a set like that,which they got from their father who was 86 when he died in 1963. I would think my grandfather bought the set after getting married too. So that puts the knives and steel pretty old.

      2. Hi. Can you post photos of the pommels and a close-up of the trademark? That may help with ID'ing these.

        Depending on age, these handles may be genuine European stag, as opposed to the less-collectible Sanbar stag from Asia.

        1. My parents had something similar although not Henckels. The handles dont appear to made from bone or horn, more like antler. The stag antler idea sounds the most plausible.

          1. I have a steel from F. Dick that was my Grandfather's, he was a butcher in the 40's and 50's, with the stag horn handle. The use of stag horn was much more common 50+ years ago. Unfortunately that's all the light I can shed on the subject.