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Jul 11, 2008 10:10 AM

Thoughts on catering choices? (PHX)

We have a 15 person meeting upcoming and we are looking to do something other than the typical sandwich tray. Budget is not really an issue; location is around 24th St / Camelback. The places I've suggested:

1. Padre's Modern Mexican
2. Baby Kay's
3. Jennifer's Catering
4. Jason's Deli

Any feedback or additional options to look into would be appreciated.

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    1. re: aaronling

      Thanks, that thread was the reason I selected it as one of the choices.

    2. I'm torn.... I actually wrote the recommendation of Jennifers, but I also really love Padre's...

      depends on what kind of crowd it is, and I guess, if you're looking for Mexican or not:)

      Can't go wrong with either though...