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Jul 11, 2008 10:00 AM

Restaurant recs for single dining

Will be in Boston for over a week in early Fall by myself...Any recs for good places to eat for a single diner, who loves great food, who does not want to be put at the worst table at the back by the kitchen, who is willing to spend up to $100 for dinner for a few dinners, but has been told by friends that there is great dining to be had for less?

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  1. I like sitting at the bar solo at some of the places this Board chats about a lot-- B&G, Neptune, No 9 (for more of a splurge).

    1. There was a great thread about this not too long ago, but I think that was about dining single at the bar (which is what I like to do). Do you like to do that? Or are you looking for a table and book kinda deal?

      And yeah, it's definitely possible to get great meals for less than a c-note.

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        My favorite for dining alone is the bar at Prezza on Fleet Street in the North end. Always a special treat and always great service and attention (if you want it - if you want to be left alone they are good at that too) Not quiet or inexpensive though.

      2. I really do not mind, at all, dining at the bar...but must one dine at the bar? I am wondering if there are those out there, that eat at the actual tables by themselves...Any advice on where you have had good experiences? I am truly trying to learn to be able to both travel and dine by myself, for honestly, the sake of being able to do so...Any advice? Am I the only one trying to conquer this beast of always having to be with someone else?

        1. I usually have dinner out six nights a week, and the only time I sit at the bar is at Laurel's,mostly because of the friendly group that hangs out there. I love going to the Union Bar & Grill and Pops in the So. End. I think Teatro is great and have always been welcomed there as a single as I have been at Eastern Standard. They have a great patio to people watch, especially after a Sox game. The Rendezvous and Upstairs at the Square are other favorites. Pigalle also has a small patio, and I spent a lot of time at the Beehive last year. Not so much for the food, as for the buzz. I also tend to have dinner about 9:30, and at that time, any place will welcome a single guest.