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What's the BEST cooking site?

I'm looking for a great cooking website. Let me know what you think are the best ones. Thanks

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  1. Although I'm sure there are plenty of other great sites, I usually go back and forth between two: CooksIllustrated.com and epicurious.com. Cook's Illustrated requires a paid subscription (approx. $20 a year), but I consider them to be the true experts since they test all of their tips and recipes multiple times and with a variety of twists before publishing them. As a research scientist, I find this to be important, but I could see where it may be less important to others.

    I go to Epicurious if I don't find the recipe I'm looking for on Cooks Illustrated. This is the recipe-posting site for Gourmet and Bon Appetit among others. I have tried hundreds of recipes from there and have adopted many as staples, frequently with the addition of variations that were suggested by reviewers.

    In the rare instance that neither of these provide the recipes I'm searching for, my default is good ole' Google.

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      Add my vote for these two staple sites.

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        don't you have to be a paid subscriber to use the Cooks Illustrated site?

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          There are some recipes that are available to everyone (I'm not sure about this but I think it may be the ones that are on the TV show), but for most of the content, yes, you do have to be a paid subscriber.

      2. I'm not sure precisely what you mean by cooking site, but I'm a big fan of the CH Home Cooking board. I also use epicurious.com occasionally to find recipes.

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          I'm with you on those two. If I can't find it on CH then I'll check epicurious. Before becoming a CH, I used epi a lot more. I've gotten spoiled by being able to ask quite specific questions about a CH recipe and frequently getting almost instant answers.

        2. cooking site = recipes?

          For a free site, I like allrecipes.com. Lots of recipes and the registered users rate the recipes.

          I do subscribe to Cook's Illustrated online which isn't bad.

          I recently stumbled upon Fine Cooking. They are a pay site (not a subscriber), but have some free recipes.

          I also look for recipes on the Food Network website. The one downside of the Food Network website is that it's soooooo slow.

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            I'm a fan of recipezaar...like their rating system. I also use allrecipes as well as my paid Cook's Illustrated.com site.

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              If you use the food network site, make sure you read the reviews. They are notorious for posting recipes with mistakes. Someone in the reviews is sure to point that out and post the correction.

            2. These are all great recommendations guys(and gals). Do you know of any that are more video oriented? Or have a more personal feel?

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                videojug.com has tons of cooking videos.

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                  About.com has good tutorials and videos in many areas, including cooking.


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                    For videos have you guys seen inyourkitchen.com? Most of the videos are from top chefs and they're all shot in HD.

                    1. chowhound. where the world of food converges.


                      1. Take a look at foodandwine.com. They often will have recipes that are online only and not published in their monthly magazine. I like their articles, too.

                        For recipes, I also look at recipesource.com (used to be SOAR ~ Searchable Online Archive of Recipes). It is pretty well categorized by ethnic regional or type of dish.

                        1. I tend to be hard pressed for time, which is one reason I like www.rachaelraymag.com One of the features is a weekly dinner menu that comes with a shopping list. I simply print the list, go to the store, stock the kitchen, and post the weeks menu on the fridge. On Sundays I cook as much of the upcoming week's food as is practicle.

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                          1. A while back I stimbled on a site that I like. Not as extensive as some of the others, but a lot of food that i like. It's mostly put together by one person:


                            It's not all encompassing, but a nice back-up/alternative

                            1. Allow me to recommend supercook.com. This site allows you to enter the ingredients you have in your pantry and fridge and then pulls up recipes from sites like epicurious, allrecipes, and recipezaar that utilize these ingredients. Recipes that you have every ingredient for are listed as well as recipes that you are missing one or two ingredients for which it tells you so that you can go pick them up.

                              1. I agree with tastespotting. com as it is what I would call 'food porn' with enticing photographs of amazing creations that, when you click on the, lead you to the blog or site where they come from and their recipe! It is updated constantly and it encompasses the best of the best that is out there on the net. I can easily while the hours away totally mesmerized by it, updating my recipe file and simply drooling over the pictures. Highly recommended!

                                1. I usually end up at Epicurious.com. I don't like how cook's illustrated makes you pay for web access - even if you have a subscription. So I let my subscription go.

                                  I was never a big fan of the food network site, and now the new interface I last saw was unusable to me.

                                  I've gone to recipezarr and allrecipes too. But Epicurious is my favorite by far.

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                                    I agree on epicurious. Nice, clean, user-friendly site. Agree also on cook's illustrated, money hungry much?

                                    tastespotting is gorgeous and most of the recipes on the blogs are wonderful.

                                    The new foodnetwork gives me migraines.

                                    I just tried supercook and recipematcher and they don't seem to allow multiple ingredients. I tried inputting 'cream cheese, condensed milk' and it wouldn't cooperate. Oh well.

                                  2. I actually like food network's site, mostly because it's farily comprehensive and provides reviews, which I think are invaluable. Other than that, I use cook's illustrated, which by nature provides recipes that have been tweaked and tested until they are as good as they can be. I also think chowhound is a good resource for ideas, but if I'm making a new dish I generally want to hear from people who have already made it, which chowhound doesn't always provide.

                                      1. I'm a big fan of Fine Cooking and an annual membership gets you access to the magazine's entire archives. You can also do a 14-day free trial to see how you like the selection. My biggest quibble with FC is that the formatting is screwy and the recipes don't print well on one page. I believe America's Test Kitchen, a cousin of Cook's Illustrated, gives you the current TV season's recipes for free but you do have to register on the website.

                                        1. I am familiar with many of the ones that others have listed and all are good. Two others that I think are worth mentioning are Le Gourmet TV (www.legourmet.tv) and Kraft Kitchens (www.kraftfoods.com).

                                          Le Gourmet's site is pretty basic but EVERYTHING is a video...and all the videos are well done and easy to follow (the viewer is nice too!). if you are killing time, the chef interviews can be interesting. What I like best about this site is that it serves up everything from beginner to more advanced concoctions...and the videos make it super-easy to learn new techniques.

                                          The Kraft site is...well..it's Kraft. it delivers basic how-to to the average person. This is another site that every new foodie should check out...likely of zero interest to anyone who knows how (and actually has) made a soufle but definitely worth a mention when looking for cooking sites.

                                          1. Hi, I'm from Australia and love www.taste.com.au. It has thousands of recipes a meal planner and shopping list and heaps of other features. Every recipe has a photo and if you want to print it, it prints with photo and recipe only, not whole page. It also has members ratings and if and what they changed. Have a look. Good luck.

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                                              Try Saveur.com. It takes the best of the best from all over the web. I have found some incredible recipes from the smallest websites around the world. Everyone else seems to have the same recipes. Snore!

                                              1. re: Agent 99

                                                I agree about Saveur.com. I especially like the galleries with beautifully photographed recipes. It makes me want to try everything.

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                                                  Do you have to pay for Saveur.com?

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                                                    I haven't been all that moved by Saveur magazine, but the site looks like a great resource.

                                                    c oliver, looks like it's all free, and you can register if you want to rate recipes and whatnot.

                                                2. rouxbe.org. It is an online cooking school from Princeton, in conjunction with Dean and Deluca. Many of the videos are free, and very good.

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                                                    hi pitterpatter :)

                                                    Do you mean Rouxbe.com?

                                                    I am a member, and yes - it is a great site!

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                                                      I know this reply is late, but I believe Rouxbe is headquartered out of the Seattle area and is affiliated with the Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver. The relationship with Dean and Deluca is just a commercial relationship.

                                                      With that said, Rouxbe has some great stuff.

                                                    2. rouxbe has lots of videos. usefull stuff!

                                                      1. For a little bit of everything cooking, from recipes to live radio feeds, to where to eat, I enjoy http://splendidtable.publicradio.org/

                                                        1. I use epicurious a lot but I find they are liimited in what kinds of foods they feature. For example, look up almost any kind of offal or unusual seafood and you will find a very small number of recipes if any. It is sort of a Junior League selection of recipes compared,say, to the food network site. That being said, I use epicurios a lot anyway because what they do have is excellent.

                                                          1. http://foodwishes.blogspot.com/
                                                            Chef John of Food Wishes dot com is casual, playful and out to make your meals a relaxing feat. If you aren't looking for a chef that takes himself to seriously but has mad skills nontheless, this cooking site is both entertaining and useful. The videos are narrated by John and focused on the steps.

                                                            1. I want to add my vote for Epicurious.com, AllRecipes and Cooks Illustrated. All great sites. Love Epicurious and AllRecipes for basic recipe searches, and Cooks Illustrated for a more detailed look at why a certain recipe works.

                                                              I also just found http://www.stellaculinary.com and I've really enjoyed it. It's done by an actual working Executive Chef and focuses a lot on technique. What I really like about it is the combination of the audio lectures (which I listen too on my way to work), the videos (about 3-10 minutes long), and the forum where the chef himself is very active and will usually respond to questions. They even have quizzes that you can take to reinforce the audio lectures and video techniques. Its also free, which kinda surprised me.

                                                              I occasionally look for recipes on the Food Network site but I find them largely hit or miss.

                                                              Thanks to this thread I've found cookstr.com, which I've really enjoyed!

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                                                                I would say Epicurious and Chowhound are still my main "go-to's"--however I do also love
                                                                www.maangchi.com for her Korean recipes and great videos--she shows you the packages of the ingredients she uses which is extremely helpful for me so I know what I need to look for at Asian grocery store. Epicurious does not offer too many authentic ethnic recipes, in my opinion.

                                                              2. i get most of my recipes from tastespotting.com and foodgawker.com. i like that each recipe normally comes with several pictures and a blog entry describing it in most cases. allows me to choose a recipe more easily and prepare it better once i do

                                                                1. Simply Recipes
                                                                  All Recipes
                                                                  Serious Eats

                                                                  These are only the tip of the iceberg on my bookmarks tab. However, they're my most-often go-to sites.

                                                                  I haven't included any of my ethnic sites like Rasa Malaysia or special diet like 101 Cookbooks. BTW, those two are my top go-tos in each category.

                                                                  1. My favourite cooking web site is http://tonichef.com, it has very interesting recipe and i like it because owner is a simple man and cooking is his passion. I think that and you'll like it :)

                                                                    1. I like Eat Your Books. It's nice to have all the recipes in my cook books indexed and searchable.