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Jul 11, 2008 09:06 AM

What's the BEST cooking site?

I'm looking for a great cooking website. Let me know what you think are the best ones. Thanks

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  1. Although I'm sure there are plenty of other great sites, I usually go back and forth between two: and Cook's Illustrated requires a paid subscription (approx. $20 a year), but I consider them to be the true experts since they test all of their tips and recipes multiple times and with a variety of twists before publishing them. As a research scientist, I find this to be important, but I could see where it may be less important to others.

    I go to Epicurious if I don't find the recipe I'm looking for on Cooks Illustrated. This is the recipe-posting site for Gourmet and Bon Appetit among others. I have tried hundreds of recipes from there and have adopted many as staples, frequently with the addition of variations that were suggested by reviewers.

    In the rare instance that neither of these provide the recipes I'm searching for, my default is good ole' Google.

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      Add my vote for these two staple sites.

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        don't you have to be a paid subscriber to use the Cooks Illustrated site?

        1. re: chicgail

          There are some recipes that are available to everyone (I'm not sure about this but I think it may be the ones that are on the TV show), but for most of the content, yes, you do have to be a paid subscriber.

      2. I'm not sure precisely what you mean by cooking site, but I'm a big fan of the CH Home Cooking board. I also use occasionally to find recipes.

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          I'm with you on those two. If I can't find it on CH then I'll check epicurious. Before becoming a CH, I used epi a lot more. I've gotten spoiled by being able to ask quite specific questions about a CH recipe and frequently getting almost instant answers.

        2. cooking site = recipes?

          For a free site, I like Lots of recipes and the registered users rate the recipes.

          I do subscribe to Cook's Illustrated online which isn't bad.

          I recently stumbled upon Fine Cooking. They are a pay site (not a subscriber), but have some free recipes.

          I also look for recipes on the Food Network website. The one downside of the Food Network website is that it's soooooo slow.

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            I'm a fan of their rating system. I also use allrecipes as well as my paid Cook's site.

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              If you use the food network site, make sure you read the reviews. They are notorious for posting recipes with mistakes. Someone in the reviews is sure to point that out and post the correction.

            2. These are all great recommendations guys(and gals). Do you know of any that are more video oriented? Or have a more personal feel?

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              1. re: jeremy5

       has tons of cooking videos.

                1. re: jeremy5

         has good tutorials and videos in many areas, including cooking.


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                    For videos have you guys seen Most of the videos are from top chefs and they're all shot in HD.

                    1. chowhound. where the world of food converges.