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Jul 11, 2008 08:36 AM

NYC's Best Late Night Eats

I am looking for the absolute BEST late night eats in the city. I am a college student, tend to be out and hungry past midnight and looking to entertain a friend that is coming to town for the next couple of weekends. Cheap, expensive, doesn't matter. Where is the best place to be a foodie at 2 in the morning?

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  1. I love getting Pommes Frites all drunk
    La Lanterna

    1. Personally I like Sarges, Blue Ribbon, or Pop Burger - all depending on where I am in the city.

      Some other thoughts:

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      1. re: Spends Rent on Food

        i am with you. (used to be fan of Florent too .. boo hoo). Sarges has gotten even more dirty recently. my food was not good the last time i ordered from here. be careful...they re-use everything, like pickles cole slaw, bread, etc.

        i will add to the list velselka and republic.

        1. re: jenniebnyc

          I think Sarge's, which is open 24/7, is great anytime.

          Obviously, jenniebnyc, you haven't been there that recently. We were just there last weekend, and they have spruced up the place. The booths have been reupholstered, and the freshly-painted walls are awaiting the rehanging of stored artwork.

          We had chicken soup with matzoh ball, cold borsht, pastrami sandwiches, and fries. All delicious!

          Oh, and do you have proof that they "re-use everything"?

          1. re: RGR

            Yes. I sat at a table facing the kitchen where they scooped used coleslaw from one dish to another, re-used bread, ect. I would never state something on this board unless I had proof.

            I ordered from here about a month ago and it was pretty much inedible. Believe me, I used to love this place, but my past two dining experiences were not good.

            1. re: jenniebnyc

              I certainly won't dispute what you say you saw. All I can say is the food we had when we were last there was excellent.

              1. re: jenniebnyc

                Yikes! That sounds sounds very bad.

                But it is also very different from my breakfast there two weeks ago (the corned beef & pastrami omelette was fantastic) and the whole chicken I picked up from the deli counter on my way home last week, which they kindly quartered and heated for me to take home.

                I've got to say Jennieb that if I had your same experience it would turn me off as well. I'll be keeping a careful eye on them on my next visit.

        2. Ble Ribbon Brasserie; Mas

            1. re: craig_g

              agreed: the salt baked squid and the roast pig at NY Noodletown may be the tastiest thing one can find in Manhattan after 3am...

              at 1am, there are some other options out there: Balthazar is really fun late at night...and it pairs nicely w/ drinking (and some average tapas) at n33 down the street at 33 Crosby...

              An ambitious night owl might even grab some Balthazar vittles (oysters, fine truffled salads) 'round midnight, then drink elsewhere til 3am and get some softshell crab at Noodletown afterwards...

            2. French Roast is always an was for me when I was in college way back when...