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Jul 11, 2008 08:32 AM

need a newport rec

Hello All,

Does anyone know of a restaurant in Newport that has yummy food with decent prices [~$10 entrees] that would be able to accomdate a large group?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. 10 $ dinners in newport in the summer,thats pretty much impossible.maybe salvation cafe,but i dont think your gonna even do it there,i dont think its possible anywhere really,good luck,and if you find a place,let us know...10 $,,,, really???

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    1. re: im hungry

      Salvation Cafe has one entree for ten dollars- their burger; everything else is very high teens to upper twenties.

      The only place I can think of is The Red Parrot, which is standard bar food, at best, and even most of their meals are over ten.

      Ten bucks in Newport isn't going to get you much more than a quarter pound of fudge.

      1. re: invinotheresverde

        the red parrot was actually a really good rec - it's not that everything has to be super cheap but that there has to be at least a few options under $10 bucks, thanks so much!

    2. This may be the vaguest posting ever. There is a restaurant with an upstairs dining room and a downstairs as well. It is several doors down from One Pelham East...Poor Benjamins, or Poor Richards? Poor me-no memory. Pasta, seafood, chicken...I remember it as being reasonable. Not the greatest food I've ever had, but space for a crowd and inexpensive.

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      1. re: rosieg

        Might have made an error here-pricier than I thought. And the name is Benjamin's. Sorry about that.

      2. I think Pour Judgement runs a little cheaper than the rest of the places up on Broadway, but good luck with a large group. Red Parrot isn't too pricey and the food is descent. GREAT drinks too.

        1. Perro Salado -- funky space, awesome, inexpensive food and good for groups.