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Jul 11, 2008 08:02 AM

Kitchen Cabinets

Hi All,

I know this post doesn't specifically discuss food but who better to recommend a great custom kitchen cabinet maker. I am redoing my home and in desperate search of a great inexpensive custom kitchen. Looking for all those small hidden jems that I can't find online.
Thanks in advance for all your help!

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  1. How inexpensive? I redid my whole kitchen in solid cherry, all from scratch. We could talk...

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    1. re: bomobob

      Well to be honest I'm just starting to look into it. I was hoping for just the cabinets between $5000-7000. Does that sound reasonable for a wood cabinets (specifically shaker style in white)?


      1. re: jarschef

        Nekita Originals makes gorgeous solid pine reproductions. They do lovely custom built kitchens, all wood (no melamine/pressed board), and you can choose the style, finishing and hardware. I checked their website and it seems to be down, however: The phone number is still visible if you check the google cache. They could probably build your kitchen within the budget you quoted.

        Shaker-inspired furniture is by it's nature very pure/clean in design with little in terms of adornments. It may even cost you less to have them custom made. If you want white you could either have it painted or better still, use a white tinted semi-transparent stain - that would look very sharp. :-)

        I recently installed solid pine cabinetry and I love the rustic visual aesthetic. Of course, there are some minor compromises - for example, you may need to have smaller openings than conventional kitchens for the doors and drawers, but this depends on the case construction. Also wood breathes, expanding and contracting with humidity and over time this may result in a sticky drawer or two. Again this depends on the construction, and it's nothing that can't be corrected - a small price to pay for the natural beauty of wood.

        There are many solid wood cabinet makers, and the price of the kitchen will largely vary based on the materials, the joinery (construction techniques) and the finishing. Pine cabinets are considerably less expensive than beech or oak. Pocket screws (used to join the cabinet cases) are much quicker/cheaper to build with than mortise & tenon joinery or dovetails.

        Good luck with your kitchen search!

        1. re: grillit

          Thanks for all your help and tips!
          I will definitely give them a call and go take a look at their showroom.
          Thanks again!

          1. re: jarschef

            I did a complete renovation of a 1,000 sq ft condo last year (on an extremely limited budget) and researched this subject thoroughly,and my IKEA kitchen is fabulous!

    2. Jarschef, you definitely want to check out for the best inexpensive kitchen cabinets.

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