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Jul 11, 2008 07:41 AM

East End LI Whole Belly Fried Clam Hunt.

Hi all: Heading out east again today and craving whole belly fried clams. Prefer to stay west of southampton on the south shore, but for really good ones we might travel further (north fork is fine too). Any thoughts? Have been to Buoy One already and don't feel like eating on that busy road. I love the Seafood Barge but it's too long of a drive for a busy weekend. Anything else is fair game. Thanks!

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  1. Snowflake (the ice cream/burger spot) in East Hampton is now called Cherrystones. They have whole belly fried clams.

    277 Pantigo Road
    East Hampton, N.Y.
    (631) 324-9020.

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      Thanks! Have you tried them? Any good? Any other recs at Cherrystones?

      1. re: jenniebnyc

        Well, its almost as far as the Seafood Barge, but Braun's Fish Market's take out dept. in Cutchogue has excellent fried cherrystone clams, and sometimes fried steamer clams that are just as good. Not a place for dinner, if you want something with more ambience than an outdoor bench and a BYO wine or beer from the King Kullen mall, but its great for lunch.