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Jul 11, 2008 07:24 AM


So I bought one of those Tovolo molds and it's pretty good - made some boozy 'cicles that were deelish! Question. I need to make about 25 frozen delites and was curious... has anyone ever made popsicles in dixiecups with a wooden stick? Just wondered if that would work or not. Love the mold but it has it's own stick - you lose one then yer outta luck.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I have made them with dixie cups... and just used saran wrap to kind of hold the sticks upright... it worked fairly well, but most of them ended up kind of off-center or slanted. and it was a little messy getting the popsicles out of the cups (i ended up running the cup side under warm water).

      it was kind of a pain, and not much worth the reward... I think next time I'd go to the dollar store or a big box chain store and see if I could find some cheap, plastic popsicle trays on clearance.

      1. My DH, the popsicle freak, tried the dixie cup thing, and found out 2 important things: 1) don't use paper cups, use plastic 2) you do have to run under warm water. He wasn't clever enough to prop the sticks up, like withalonge suggested, so his sticks were leaning to the side. He even tried using ice cube trays, with toothpicks, but that sure got messy! Finally our daughter got him these twist up frozen pop molds. After you take the top off you snap it on the bottom for a handle. Not messy at all, but only 4 to a package.

        1. Do you have IKEA near you? If so, I picked up some popsicle molds there that were a small size...6 popsicles in the mold for $.99. It's probably about the same size as a dixie cup. I have the Tavolo also but like these since they're smaller.

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            IKEA!!! I truly never thought of going there.. stupid me. They truly have everything! I was out of town and had a friend try the dixie cup route.. and agreed with all of you that it was a pain.

            Weee! On to Ikea! Thanks to everyone for the feedback!

          2. Late reply:

            I've been making popsicles in batches recently as well after seeing Bittman's video about Paletas. I bought a mold that takes the old-fashioned wooden sticks - I really recommend going this route - you get to make popsicles, then pop em out into a freezer bag and repeat. This lets you create a bit of variety in the freezer without waiting finishing the last batch so that your molds free up.

            I usually put the mold in the freezer for an hour while soaking popsicle sticks under water (weighed down), then put them into the mold. This sets them pretty well.

            Edit: Link to the mold I bought: