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Jul 11, 2008 07:00 AM

Lupa or Babbo?

Anyone have an opinion of which is better for dinner? Thanks!

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  1. imho, they are two quite different places, just owned by the same folks, and both "Italian."

    1. I've been to both but have returned, several times, to Lupa. This has nothing to do with a difference in menu.. it's just less formal to me. Are you coming in with a group of people? They did a tasting menu for us, a total of 8 people, that was truly fantastical. It's worth asking for!

      1. To me it is all a question of budget. If I want a special dinner I choose Babbo, if a simpler, more casual one, Lupa. Interestingly, some dishes are about the same price at both, but I tend to order more courses at Babbo. Still, overall, Lupa is cheaper. If budget is not an issue definitely go to Babbo.

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        1. tell us more what you are looking for in terms of vibe and price?

          and while you are at it, tell us why, out of the hundreds of viable delicious Italian options in NYC, you narrowed it down to only those two?

          1. Although I really like Lupa, I have had some clunkers there over the years. Particularly with respect to saltiness, and/or makeup (a couple months ago we had a lamb rib dish there that was about 40% fat). I don't think I've ever had a clunker at Babbo. Yet, as others say, they really are two very different dining experiences.