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Jul 11, 2008 06:52 AM

Trata-new pizzeria in Harvard Square-awful!!

They seem to have just recently opened, an "upscale" pizzeria next to Dadaelus (in the old Tommy's pizza.)

The renovated room was beautiful, the ambiance was lovely, great window seating, good music, I was all excited for a great lunch.

Their menu had interesting offerings, but I went with a slice of cheese and a slice of peperoni- because if they can do those right, anything else is going to be fantastic. I'm really glad I didn't go for a $9 pie and just took a slice. They were AWFUL! The sauce had no taste or texture. The cheese had cooled, and I guess they added more cheese to my order and put it back into the oven. Too oily, too cheesy- in fact almost rubbery! the crust was small, maybe originially a 12" or a personal pizza size. But it too was tasteless and bland. The thing was, it took so long to get the slices too, it would have been better for them to just re-make a couple of pies- maybe even faster!

This was horrible!! In fact, I left regretting the calories I wasted on these slices! In addition to the money lost! I'm not a calorie counter at all, but I was really, really disapointed.

I really like Cambridge 1, I think its a fun concept with ok food. I was excited for this new place, sadly I will not stop in again.

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  1. When did they open? Opening week bumps perhaps?

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    1. re: Bob Dobalina

      I would understand service issues, but not their recipe- especially when I read that the owners have previous pizza experience.

      1. re: Bob Dobalina

        They've been open since mid-June, at least.

      2. Does anyone know the name of it? It's not really Trata-new pizzeria is it?

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        1. Yeah, I live right near it and got takeout of a few big specialty pies right after it opened. Most were quite mediocre, except one that I put together myself which was actually very good: the fig sauce, goat cheese, red onions, and spinach. Yum!

          1. I stopped by last night around 1AM for a slice of cheese. A very weird slice - the crust was thin and had a slight crispiness, but, its red color was deceptive; I couldn't taste a hint of any sort of sauce. The cheese was peculiar in that it appeared to have been thrown in a handful, as a complete afterthought. Each slender shred of cheese had melted and retained its discernible comma-like shape. It was very unevenly covered. Just sort of a 'splotch' of cheese.

            The slice was largely flavorless. Definitely the most peculiar pizza slice I've ever seen in this area. Oh well, at least the space is nice inside.

            1. I don't understand why there are so many pizzerias in Harvard Square. Oggi, Cambridge 1, Pinnochio's, Crazy Dough, now Trata, Upper Crust coming, and that's only in Harvard Square proper. Expand up Mass Ave slightly and there are at least three more places within a 5-10 minute walk (Three Aces, DiMio, etc.) I know they're not all the same, but I don't get why people keep opening up more.

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              1. re: Pia

                This may be slightly off-topic but I drove by DiMio this morning and they appeared closed: brown paper over the windows.

                1. re: mats77

                  Oh, I really hope not - DiMio's was actually decent...

                  1. re: mats77

                    per their answering machine: "doing some basic renovations" "for about 2-3 weeks" from June 30.