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Jul 11, 2008 06:22 AM

Best steak in Old Town

Hi - Heading out to dinner in Old Town this weekend and I'm looking for a good steak. We don't want to go as far out as Clydes - would prefer to stay near the water front area. I know Bookbinders just opened and it is supposed to be a good steak place, anyone know?

It doesn't have to be a "steak house", just a place that serves good steak. I'm open to any suggestion and budget isn't really an issue.


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  1. Unfortunately, the number of restaurants in Old Town that have great steak is limited. There are a few worthwhile options, however.

    I've never been, but Bookbinders is supposed to be OKAY - not great. I've only been to Overwood for their skirt steak special on Monday, but it was surprisingly delicious. The service was a bit shaky, but the decor is very nice.

    Majestic and Vermillion both have good steaks on the menu. Also on the list might be 100 King - it's good, but not great.

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      I was pleasantly surprised by my first visit to Bookbinder's last week. First of all, it is not affiliated with the original Bookbinder's in Philly. The management group paid Bookbinder's for the use of the name, and that's it.

      The steaks were pretty good, and at prices well below Morton's and Ruth's Chris. My friends and I shared appetizers, so I can report first-hand that the crab cakes, calamari and deviled eggs were top-notch. I had the 8 oz. filet mignon, which was cooked to perfection and tender, juicy and flavorful. My friend had the double pork chop, which was really good.

    2. I agree with 100 King. They have a selection of prime aged beef cuts.
      Vermillion's hangar steak is a great deal.
      Check out Daniel O'Connell's too. here's the menu:

      If you are going to Old Town tonight, the meat and two special at Hank's is the flat iron steak. It's a terrific tasting bargain!

      Bookbinders is a bit pricey, but I've heard good things about their steaks and the atmosphere is rich.
      Have fun!

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        I've been to Daniel O'Connell's for drinks, but never food. I looked at the menu and it looks a lot more interesting than Bookbinder's. Have you been?

        I have eaten brunch at 100 King, but I'm afraid it might be too trendy at night. I stopped by for drinks with a girlfriend a few weekends ago and seemed like a weird nightclub/euro crowd. Not really mine or my dining partner's taste.

        I've heard the steaks at Charthouse are good? Thoughts?


        1. re: LaceyB522

          The Chart House is just sooooooo expensive and I think "run of the mill". It's not special, or imaginative. You pay a lot of money for the view, but hey, if that's makes you happy, then go for it!
          The other places mentioned are independants, not big corporations-so I think Chowh's tend to be more loyal to them.
          100 King-yeah...kinda trendy..but upstairs is for the finer dining and is a quiet, yet cavernous space. Ask to be seated up there.
          Daniell O'Connel's-haven't eaten there in a while, but it gets good feedback and critic reviews. The inside is amazing, with everything having been shipped over from Ireland. DOC's also has patio dining on the rooftop which might be a nice option for you.
          Vermillion, aside from steak, offers the cooking of the talented Chef Tony Chittum whose menu emphasizes imaginative offerings of local and seasonal foods. If you want something you just can not get outside of OT, avail yourself of his cooking.

      2. "If you are going to Old Town tonight, the meat and two special at Hank's is the flat iron steak. It's a terrific tasting bargain!"

        +1 on this.

        It's the best steak I have had in old town in recent memory. I had collard greens and mac n' cheese. Absolutely, the best steak (and meal), bar-none that I've had in OT. Add to the fact that you can start with oysters from the raw bar and it is unbeatable. A far better meal than Charthouse, (in decline), and not even that expensive IMHO.

        1. Overwood has great steaks. Bookbinder's was just so-so.

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          1. re: SheriS

            Agreed. Overwood's hangar steak is excellent, particularly if you tell them to put the sauce on the side. Not as good as Hank's steak but still very good.

            Bookbinder's T-bone was expensive and no better than what you'd get from a grocery store.

          2. Thanks for all the suggestions!

            I've actually decided to go with Le Refuge. It has the steak and potatoes for my dining partner and some interesting French options for me.

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            1. re: LaceyB522

              Just FYI regarding French....Bastille is probably the most highly rated French in Old Town, and tommorow, they have a 3-course Bastille Day special, including a hangar steak-probably what I'm ordering tommorow when I go!!

              A fantastic deal for $29.


              1. re: monavano

                Thanks - I'll keep that in mind. I actually looked at Bastille, too, but Le Refuge had a better selection of steaks.

                Wow - I didn't realize tomorrow was Bastille Day. I love falling into a theme!