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Jul 11, 2008 06:10 AM

animal shaped cookie cutters?

Has anyone seen animal shaped cookie cutters anywhere? Preferably west of the city-mississauga area?
I'm looking for a child's birthday party!

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  1. It'll be expensive, but I know Williams-Sonoma in Sherway has them

    Also, try McCalls baking supply (in a strip mall where Kipling/Bloor/Viking?/Dundas all intersect in Etobicoke.

    If anyone has better ideas, please supply them - I hate paying that kind of $ at WS fro cookie cutters

    1. It's downtown... but St.Lawrence market has a WHOLE wall of them at the housewares shop in the centre.

      That's where we get all of ours!

      1. I believe I've seen a good variety of them at the kitchen shop in St Lawrence market, the one upstairs in th e3middle by Future Bakery...

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          They have them at the new Golda's Kitchen location on Argentia in the Winston Churchill/401 area. One of my fave stores, but sometimes pricey - they have everything.

        2. They also have TONNES of them at the Cook's Place on the Danforth near Logan, but that's not the west end.

          1. I've taken cake decorating classes at this place...
            World Of Cake Decorating Ltd
            1766 Weston Road, York, ON M9N 1V8
            Telephone : 416-247-4935

            As of last week they had a big package of assorted animal cookie cutters that was only around $15.